Change | Hunt a Haiku Challenge

My response to the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge by Its PH . Thanks to agirlwowrites, I found this challenge on her site. 15 days for 10 posts, give it a try.

4th day: I hunt for a haiku, and this is what I have caught:

sweet was the damage,
brutal was the bighearted,
when foul was the world.

The ones that care the most, always get hurt the most.

After being hurt so many times, they are bound to change.

When that change occurs, they are never the same.

They become something, something most unsavoury.

The heart once loving, turns most brutal.

The person you once knew, transforms, is now a stranger.

The world that used to be pleasant, then turns horrid.

All could have been avoided, if one person, even just one cared half as much as they did.

It is not their fault , but there is only so much one person can take.

Such is our reality…


4 thoughts on “Change | Hunt a Haiku Challenge

  1. I do understand the sentiment here, and that’s some beautiful expression. But just a thought! I suppose when you know how hard it is to hurt, you just try harder to help others who hurt in a similar fashion? I guess when you find someone of that sort, one who was hurt and used, you just build a connection with them that’s so deep because you know what they’ve been through. But of course, on the whole, I agree with you. 🙂

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