Bound by perception, A violent misconception.

Looking back at my reflection, I’ve created an infection.

These are my words, now look how I use them.

How mould them and fuse them, Into something that’ll make you lose it.

Violently, apparently, you don’t understand my parodies.

It’s a kind of reality, that I show absent mindedly.

It’s obvious you cannot understand, it’s this clarity,
That I blatantly spew, ever so vagrantly.
And you supposedly think you can oppose me?

Now that’s a greater fallacy than aliens in our galaxy.

And as I weave words factually, I’ll make you forego all your atrocities…


Ne Pas Pleurer-Moi

This piece is taken from my other blog(purely French) and translated

Do not cry when I’m gone .
Do not cry for me at all.
I do not want to be remembered.
I want to disappear like I never existed
Do not lose tears for me.
Just forget me.
That is all I ask

I wrote it when I was very low

Mind Vault

It’s been a while since I’ve put pen to paper, a while since anything had meaning, a while since I’ve had a reason.
I write from motivation, I write from inspiration,
There was no illumination, but now I have clarification

My words are unconventional, my thoughts multi dimensional, my mindset paradoxical, and I do it unintentional

I’m that thought in your head, that makes you question your reality, I give no apology, I show no apathy, blatant in every degree.
But most, will not agree..

Just call me the word marquis…

On the surface I’m closed off and angry, that’s cause you don’t understand me. No-one will truly know me. My mind is a vault and there is no key


My Psyche

You want to know about me?

Delve into my psyche.

A world of torment and horrors, that’s where you’ll find me.

Insanity is my norm, twisted my true form, my mind, a place where terrors are born.

Don’t ever try to understand it, attention you’ll need psychiatric.

I’ll mess up your mind you’ll want to abandon it.

Just a fair warning, you ever seem boring, I’ll take you to a world where reality, fantasy and horror are one….


My Anger Is Justified

They say life is a gift. Sadly I have never been able to believe this. How would I, when life, to me seems more like a burden and a curse than a gift.

Or perhaps I have lost the meaning of the word “gift

I am alone, or should I say I feel alone. They talk of letting your emotions out, it will make you feel better. But how do I let it out when no-one understands me, when no-one listens, no-one sees things from where I am?

My life has been an endless chain of terrible events. I anger because I have reason to. My rage has a purpose, it has reason…

My anger is justified


(this is from my archives)

States of Unrest (Self) 

We face at times, states of unrest within this existence. States thatr cannot be defined by mere words.

There are those that do not understand that at times, one just wants to be left alone to their vices, in sweet solemn contemplation.

For only in quiet solitude and contemplation can you begin to find your self.

But what is self? Honestly, I cannot say. But I’ll tell you what I think. Self is that part of you that you only know. That part you talk to when you are by yourself. That part you confide in when you really can’t trust the world. That part of you that knows everything there is to know about you. The part that knows all your darkest secrets 

Self, to me, is that inner voice within you, that either pushes you, or stops you from doing anything. The voice many call conscience. I call that voice self.

Why? Because only something that is part of you, that is truly you, can have that much insight on you and your life.

So, in these States of Unrest, look within, trust in your self to help you find the best way forward…