So There Are Vaccines Now

I hate to say this… What are you saying? No I don’t. I’m loving this. I’m loving every bit of it because I saw this and I said so months ago…

I was watching the news this other day, they were discussing the vaccines that are most effective against coronavirus. It was an interview of sorts discussing distribution, an interview with – as if I had glimpsed into the future – Bill Gates.

Word on the street has it that everything that’s happening has been carefully orchestrated by one man and his wife. Why? In a bid to acquire more wealth of course.

Corona Virus – What Is Real?

As it would so happen three of the four vaccines – Pfizer and Moderna and Novavax – are all from the United States. Coincidence? I think not.

The thing is I talked about this current situation – viruses that pop up from seemingly nowhere, followed by miraculous vaccines – in another post as well

Then there are always these outbreaks that ravage the planet then miraculously disappear. It’s usually, “We have discovered what it is but haven’t found a way to cure it. We can only treat the symptoms“,

Drugs aad The Pharmaceutical Industry

Now, don’t go around calling me Nostradamus or anything, but I did say this would happen.

I am not offering anything useful, I’m just here to gloat.



Answers – Part 3 : Of Childhood and Safety

I asked a few simple questions, but she’s giving so much more

The Quill

This post follows frompart 1and 2. I’m again clubbing two questions as they mean the same things to me, personally.

Are you still in touch with your inner child? If so, do you mind telling me about them?
Do you feel safe?

In a word, yes. But let me tell you the story.

Last day, I came across this tale of a brave warrior.

The warrior was well renowned for his courage, and when people asked him what his secret was, he would tell them that when he felt fear, he took refuge in a castle where he was always protected. One night, he was passing through a forest when a band of robbers – who knew him by reputation – caught him. “You can’t go to your castle now!” They taunted him. But the brave warrior smiled and said, “Oh, but my castle is within. And…

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I Met… Me

I have not met that many people who I share a name with. But by some stroke of a luck, I met a writer – that’s what I’m calling him – who is not only my namesake but a great person too. Naturally we started talking…

I do not visit his site as often as I should, but when I do I always find something incredible to read.

Limits are entirely subjective, however non-existent for me with an endorsement from an existence that surpasses my own. Striving for the original; stick around, I’ll make it worth your while.


So we had an idea, this the first part of that idea. I asked him some questions and he did the same…

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The Sunshine Blogger Award

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to creative, positive and cheerful bloggers by other bloggers as a token of appreciation and admiration.

I would like to thank Kia of Kia’s Notions for nominating me for this. Cool – someone thinks this jumble of thoughts is cheerful. You should pay her site a visit, don’t tell her I sent you 😉

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Of “Remember Remember the 5th of November”

The 5th of November or Guy Fawkes Night is a celebration – a celebration of a failure…

In 1605, a plot to assassinate King James I was thwarted when Guy Fawkes was caught guarding explosives placed beneath the House of Lords.

In the years following, that night became a commemoration of this failed plot, but carried a lot of unsavory overtones and violence.

By the 20th century the violence had been dealt with and the 5th of November became an enjoyable social commemoration, although lacking much of its original focus.

Now when you listen to Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture and repeat “Remember remember, the 5th of November” you know what it is you’re remembering…