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Against the Masses

It’s always what’s trending What’s popular right now All of those things that never make me go wow You follow and conform like bees to the hive I’d rather be alone, by myself, an eagle flying free In your need … Continue reading

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I have always tried my best Regardless the outcome Yet every single time, my efforts go unseen Sometimes I feel, like blowing a gasket or two But for some reason, I choose not to If I speak my mind, I … Continue reading

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In the corner I am, quiet I remain You use what you see, the surface you’ve barely scratched For hidden deep within, something most astounding Only to be seen, if you peel the layers Not for the feint of heart, … Continue reading

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Boundless emotion, this senseless conviction I try and try, with no intermission The path becomes cloudy as I lose all vision Now I realise, it was never meant to be All those times when I thought it was we But … Continue reading

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Lux In Tenebris

Awake through the night • I am one with the darkness • From here you find light • Dante

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#3: The Spook’s Secret [Night of the Soul Stealer]

After what happened in Priestown, Tom, the Spook and Alice get a little time to rest before winter comes. They must go to the Spook’s winter home in Anglezarke. On one cold night, the bell that calls the Spook is … Continue reading

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Return To My Roots

My grandparents had six children, five boys and a girl; my aunt and uncles. I am named after my dad who was named after my grandad. Apparently in tradition that makes me grandma’s husband, don’t ask me how, I don’t … Continue reading

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