Against the Masses

It’s always what’s trending

What’s popular right now

All of those things that never make me go wow

You follow and conform like bees to the hive

I’d rather be alone, by myself, an eagle flying free

In your need to fit in you no longer see what I see

In your need to be popular you’ve lost your originality




I have always tried my best

Regardless the outcome

Yet every single time, my efforts go unseen

Sometimes I feel, like blowing a gasket or two

But for some reason, I choose not to

If I speak my mind, I become the ‘bad guy

I do nothing wrong, but…

At the end of it all, I remain feeling Guilty



In the corner I am, quiet I remain

You use what you see, the surface you’ve barely scratched

For hidden deep within, something most astounding

Only to be seen, if you peel the layers

Not for the feint of heart, never for the nay sayers

For here reside, all that they believe is theirs

The maze of my mind, the labyrinth of my thoughts

Calm your heart, the battle need not be fought

A steady soul, is all that is required

But because you do not to try, you’ll only be left with Assumptions



Boundless emotion, this senseless conviction

I try and try, with no intermission

The path becomes cloudy as I lose all vision

Now I realise, it was never meant to be

All those times when I thought it was we

But now it’s too late, never again will I see

As I sit silent at this old willow tree

Left all alone, nowhere to call home

Now I recede, back into nothing

And slowly, so slowly I…. Disappear…..


This was supposed to be yesterday’s prompt, but oh well

#3: The Spook’s Secret [Night of the Soul Stealer]

After what happened in Priestown, Tom, the Spook and Alice get a little time to rest before winter comes. They must go to the Spook’s winter home in Anglezarke.

On one cold night, the bell that calls the Spook is rung and Tom must go and see who it is. He arrives and a hooded figure is awaiting, dressed like a Spook. He has a letter for Mr. Gregory and he leaves just as mysteriously as he arrived.

Tom gives the letter to the Spook and upon reading it, he is not pleased at all…

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