Of Holidays: How To Not Steal Christmas

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Holidays are here!!!

Happy Holidays

Regardless of how you celebrate or not celebrate the season; this is the time of the year where most people head back home, visit family and generally have family get togethers; while others go for their annual getaways to relax, maybe reflect on the year and just get away from it all….

In the jolly spirit of sharing, I wanted to share a couple of things on how to NOT be the Grinch that steals someone else’s holidays, so everyone can have a merry holiday time

I would rather you didnt

We’d rather you didn’t:

1. Ask invasive progress reports.

If you are visiting any kin please please refrain from asking the young ones (and even the old too). How did you do this year? For any learner who might have not aced their exams or is finding school hard, the embarrassment is unbearable and…

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Of What We Give And Receive

I have gone over this before. I cannot give you ideas on what gifts to give and even if could, I wouldn’t. Put simply I’m not able.

Yeah, cause like I said, if you’ve been paying attention, YOU know exactly what kind of a gift to get for whomever it may be. A gift that they won’t just accept out of courtesy, but is meaningful, to them.

Here’s what I had to say last time

On The …. Day Of Christmas

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Day 24 – #BOTY2019

Mr. Iglesias

I don’t laugh as much as I should. Not cause I don’t want to, but because what a lot of people find funny(movies, shows, mems) I don’t. On the occasions I come across something that has me in stitches, it really makes my day. It’s my little piece of happiness.

It’s usually in some corner of the internet I find my laughs. Last year I told you about Drawfee, a group of digital artists that bring comedy to art. Recently I’ve been watching a lot of comedians; Jeff Dunham, Andrew Schulz, Steve Hofstetter. YouTube has this habit of showing you suggestions based on what you’ve been watching. Well up came a suggestion for Gabriel Iglesias, or as I now call him Fluffy.

I got lost on his channel and then I came across a trailer for his show o Netflix. So of course I went ahead and watched. It’s special when a something thought provoking is masked in comedy, That is precisely what Mr. Iglesias is

Here is the trailer for the show:

Anything that gets me thinking, especially the way Mr. Iglesias got me thinking is something I think everyone should take a look at.

This seemed more appropriate here that for best show

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Day 23 – #BOTY2019

Wow! Thank You!

I know some really amazing people.

I don’t feel like going into detail on this one, just it came in one of my WhatsApp chats and it made my entire week.

So m’lady: Thee be the most wondrous person I knoweth with beauty yond wouldst maketh the travelling lamp envious. I am joyous to has’t hath made thine acquaintance.

There’s only one person in my contacts I call m’lady, this is for her.

The Mad Blogger

Day 21 – #BOTY2019