Through Me

Sing in me, Muse,
and through me tell the story…


Sing in me, let your song resonate

Sing in me, let every note sound

Sing in me, let the words be formed

Sing in me, let the melody take shape

Through me, tell the story, tell your story

Through me, find a voice, find your voice

Through me, shed the veil you hide behind

Through me, let others see what I see

Through me, we’ll tell the story

And tell it we shall over and again, for all time


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#6: The Spook’s Sacrifice [Clash of Demons]

With the Bloodeye defeated, Tom’s training with Arkwright is at an end. He has proven himself quite capable. So it’s back to Chipenden. Old Gregory is waiting for him with a letter from his Mam. She wishes to see him. It’s important very important. They are to meet on Hangman’s Hill.

After having wondered what had become of his Mam when his father had passed, Tom is ecstatic to see her. However it is not good news she brings. She has come to ask a favour of Tom. A favour in two parts. First she needs the gold she had left him. Second she wants him to accompany her to her homeland, Greece to help her defeat an old enemy. She is also asking John to come along.

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Mind Vault

It’s been a while since I’ve put pen to paper, a while since anything had meaning, a while since I’ve had a reason.
I write from motivation, I write from inspiration,
There was no illumination, but now I have clarification

My words are unconventional, my thoughts multi dimensional, my mindset paradoxical, and I do it unintentional

I’m that thought in your head, that makes you question your reality, I give no apology, I show no apathy, blatant in every degree.
But most, will not agree..

Just call me the word marquis…

On the surface I’m closed off and angry, that’s cause you don’t understand me. No-one will truly know me. My mind is a vault and there is no key


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Grain of Sand

To see a World in a Grain of Sand
And a Heaven in a Wild Flower,
Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand
And Eternity in an hour.

To see things greater, the smaller you must appreciate

Nothing grandiose starts, the miniscule it begins

Every atom and molecule, each playing a part

Small pieces making up the greater whole

A force, mighty, many acting as one

Take a closer look, and something incredible you just might find

We look to the skies for an answer, when it already lies within, hidden

Waiting for those who search closely

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The Good Doctor

A mother, a wife, a blogger, a doctor….

You know that place you go when you need information about something. What do the kids call it? Wikipedia? Yes. Her site is just that, except that it’s more personal and I can guarantee you wont need 15 dictionaries to understand what she has to say

She is a well of knowledge and when you go through it you’ll come across something you didn’t even know you needed.

I give you Rutendo Matongo ; The Quarter Wife

Here’s something that just might save you: Survival Guide

You can find The Quarter Wife here:

Website: The Quarter Wife

Twitter: The Quarter Wife

BlogIndaba Wednesdays

Every Wednesday we hype up and crush on a different creative. It’s our way of growing this community. Because as another creative said “blogging means community


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Christmas Looks Like

Like A Great Big Scam.


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On The …. Day Of Christmas

The season of gifts and gift giving…

It’s customary to give and receive gifts(whose customs are these?), but that’s beside the point. Let’s talk about the gift itself.

The best gift of all is…

❤ LOVE ❤

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