Are We Losing Our Humanity?

I rarely like being in a car when mum is driving. The play by play commentary on drivers and random opinions I care not for.

The last time I was in the car with her driving, she said something that got me thinking. It got me doing a lot of introspection.

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Forays Into Grammar (the Sequel)

I’m back again with another Foray Into Grammar . For so long as there are people who butcher grammar, I will be there to address it.

Today I’ll talk about:



What you should be using

They way I see this word thrown all around without a second thought really makes me beg the question: “Did you really understand what you were trying to say?”

Let me dissect this word:

Prefix – ir meaning not

Suffix – less meaning without

Irregardless is, as I believe we’ve learnt in mathematics class, a double negative, and would translate to not without regard“.

I highly doubt this is what anyone who uses it means to convey, it’s actually the opposite.

Just because you are trying to sound learned, of the thousands of words in the English vocabulary you could pick, you choose that one? I’m so amused at just how much it defeats the purpose.



The re is rarely ever necessary

The situation is much worse with this one.

This whole assuming and not verifying is the reason why this word is so abundant in everyday speech.

By adding the prefix re meaning again, you think you’re getting your point across. What you have done is shown just how well you do not know the English language.
Iterate on its own, already means ‘to say or perform again/repeat something’

In programming, when you have a line of code that needs to run multiple times that process is called looping, repetition or iteration not reiteration.

The only time it’s acceptable to use reiterate is when you were iterating again.

In my experience, only one group of people are capable of using the word correctly but never do; church pastors/preachers/ministers.

You people really make me miss my English lecturer. Now there was a man who knew his shit.


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The Photo

The advent of the smartphone has brought with it a sickness.

The incensant need to document every aspect of your life in image. Now when anyone decides to get a new phone the first thing they ask, “Ine ma megapixel managani?“- “How many megapixels does it have?

Here they’re referring to the camera, but that’s how phones are ranked now apparently.

My problem comes with the primates granted this amazing camera quality.

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Fine Tooth Comb Chronicles #3: Only You Decide Where You End Up

This is something a number of people believe in. They believe it with every bone in their body, every ounce in their being.

While in some cases this holds true, the same realities apply:

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#2: The Spook’s Curse [Curse of the Bane]

A story can be told so many times it becomes difficult to distinguish fact from fiction.

The tale of the Bane however, is real. Very real.

It is said, a long time ago a king, King Hey had run out of options. His people tormented by a dark presence. A presence that not only attacked the minds, but drove them to do the unthinkable. Six of his sons buried only the seventh remained. Only through the bravery of Naze was this presence bound deep in the catacombs.

From that day on, this presence was known as the Bane.

Continuing the story…

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Week Over: Thrive… Yay or Nay?

The week is up. Now, my opinion.

It was not a full week, I completely forgot I had to Thrive for three days I think.

With the hustle and bustle of modern life, it gets difficult to remember that you have to use one app to try and limit your phone use.

I had the same type of experience with the Stop Breathe Think app which keeps track of daily uses. I would only use it when I was really stressed and needed to clear my mind.

Of the days that I did use Thrive successful, I did get stuff done. Got some progress on the reading challenge I set myself and I finally caught up with the notes I had been putting off.

In conclusion, Thrive is a good idea but with the wrong implementation:

You’re using an app to stop you from using your apps.

If you do give it a try, let me know how it goes. Maybe it will work better for you than it did for me…


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Fine Tooth Comb Chronicles #2: Bigger Is Better?

This one I cannot give abject yes or no as I’m still confounded. I’ll only give my thoughts on the matter.

This is something that I have heard mentioned a number of times.

My assumption is that it’s something said to grab attention more than anything else, the truth in it, I doubt.

Now what exactly is being referred to that’s better when bigger? One can only assume…

Could a bigger house better? Or perhaps a car? Maybe I’m over thinking this and it’s something as simple as cup size or penis length.

What ever it may be, will someone please help enlighten me. I have been rattling my mind for a long time now.


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