1000 Words Worth 5#

A third of the way done

A picture is worth a thousand words


What have you done?!

How could you let this happen?!

This is inexcusable!

This is unimaginable!

This is the end result?

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My Psyche

You want to know about me?

Delve into my psyche.

A world of torment and horrors, that’s where you’ll find me.

Insanity is my norm, twisted my true form, my mind, a place where terrors are born.

Don’t ever try to understand it, attention you’ll need psychiatric.

I’ll mess up your mind you’ll want to abandon it.

Just a fair warning, you ever seem boring, I’ll take you to a world where reality, fantasy and horror are one….


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1000 Words Worth 4#

Le quatrième image d’ici

A picture is worth a thousand words


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1000 Words Worth 3#

I’m a bit off schedule, here is  image three of  this

A picture is worth a thousand words




I walk through this dormant forest, the remains of a castle my destination. I only hope and pray that it still remains….

In that last tower within this forest lies a treasure, one I hold most dear. One I thought lost forever, but back here I have returned. Reclaim it I must….

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The Fall : Guest Post

I have been drifting away from love
Levitating , enjoying my solitude
Enduring the lack of gravity
Floating in space ..
Then she came along
Like a supernova
She exploded with burning love
And her meteorite debris
Bombarded my heart, mind and soul…
All that I was ended
And I began the almighty fall
I began to feel everything
I was shrewd ..
A wise man in my ways
Cautious and defensive
Now I am open and defenseless
Gravity has befriended me
The cordless kite has been struck
Down it goes into the dreaded abyss
Known to men as love
Used to be Free…
Used be the one for all…
Now Im the one
Who cant escape
This abyss’ Free-fall.


This piece done by a writer with a mind akin to mine; Charles Fox.

He so graciously accepted my invitation to guest post


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#5: The Spook’s Mistake [Wrath of the Bloodeye]

With the threat of the Fiend temporarily averted, Tom must go train with one of the Spook’s old apprentices; Bill Atkins.

Bill is well skilled with dealing with water witches and that training will be vital for the days to come. He lives in his family’s mill with a moat that must constantly be refilled with salt to keep creatures of the Dark out and the ones bound in.

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1000 Words Worth 2#

Second of this series by A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!

“A picture is worth a thousand words”


Untouched and untainted. Serenity in all its splendour. Hidden away, far from it all, stretching out into the horizon.

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