#BOTY2020: Day 21 – 25


I feel like I mentioned this before, one second…

Yes, I did

TYPO3 International Event

Best Story You Heard

I have shared this already – The Coronavirus Vaccines. Not because they are there, but because I said this would happen and no one believed me. Also now it turns out they have adverse side effects – another thing I mentioned

Online Personalities Who Have Made Your 2020

Brian Design

Adrian Twarog

Isaac Butterfield

Festive Spirit Gift Ideas

People, we have talked about this. I am not in the business of helping you with gift ideas this late in the year. You had ample time. COVID is not an excuse, it actually works against you.

The Festive Season Looks Like

I could not tell you even if I tried. I am just hoping my plans pan out.

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#BOTY2020: Day 16 – 20

Business/Service You Started Using


Imagine Fiverr but a lot more organised. If you do freelance work, Upwork is a good place to find work. The beauty of the site is that if you enter a contract with someone, they ensure you get paid when you submit the work.

Game Changing app/software

stellio player

Everyone knows music drives me and having a good music player is vital to my day to day. Ever since I found Stellio Player my day are that much better

Evie Launcher

I have been using an Android for so long that I have gone through most of the launchers on the PlayStore. For the longest time I had been using Nova Launcher, but it was a bit taxing on my phone. Then I found Evie Launcher – lightweight with all the features I need.


Those that have been here before already know. But for those that have not I am a Blogger by day and Coder by night. One of the issues I face is finding a good editor that helps improve my efficiency and handles the languages I code in. VSCode does a good job in that right.

Travel Experience (Dream Travel Destination)

I actually can’t remember the best place I went this year.

Yesterday I sent you to blogger Anomaly. I have an open invitation from her to the Newlands forest – that is the current dream destination.


Oh I see we refuse to learn. Very well then, come with me down the rabbit hole

Read about trends here

Compliment that Made Your Year

I have shared this already, but what is one more time

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#BOTY2020: Day 11 – 15


Hmm… I added a new programming language to my arsenal. one that streamlines the site building procedure. And a couple of new stacks as well.

Lesson Learnt

This time it sunk

It wasn’t learning, rather relearning a few simple truths… For my own reasons I will not share them on here.

Blog Post

Dante Guest pots on Dante’s Site

Yes, you read that right…

Blog Interview w/ Dialectics

I Met… Me

Rise of the Dante’s


I’m not explaining anything, go to her site: Anomaly

Go, just go…

Person You Met

TYPO3 International Event

Last Wednesday – from the point of this post – I had the opportunity to attend a TYPO3 event. TYPO3 is a CMS that, in my opinion, should have more light shed on it. During the event I met a lot of people from different part of the world.

Yes, in one day they were able to make a believer out of me

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#BOTY2020: Day 6 – 10

Highlight Experience

A friend had a birthday in November. He invited me to his party – it was a small affair and I think that is what made it a great day.


I have been making a lot of rice pilaf – I think I’ve mentioned on here before – it’s simple and not time consuming. The amount of variations I can make of it are why I have it so many times.

Customer Service


I have made my fair share of trading accounts with different brokers. When I signed up with these guys are the only ones that followed up to see if I was facing any challenges.

News Story

Allow me to redirect you to this post of mine:

So There Are Vaccines Now


Manetain Organics

I had locs for a good year but I was not happy with how they were growing so I undid then to restart them better. I had also been struggling to find a good conditioner until my niece told me about these guys

side note: I need to get more conditioner I’m almost out

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#BOTY2020: Day 1 – 5

You didn’t I was not going to do #BOTY did you?



Thanks to a very good friend I have watched a lot movies I would not have considered on my own. Some weeks back we watched Calvary and it was… amazing isn’t the word. Thought provoking – that’s it

Here is what they (my friend) said after we were done, and I quote:

It’s a very mature movie

TV Show

fava beans and a nice chianti

Saying I have watched series this year would be lying. I have consumed them. From the unethical science to the commentaries on society. The horror, the sci-fi, the comedy, the supernatural…

But for some months I have not been feeling like myself, way before COVID. I went back to find what I had lost. Some of the answers came through a series that goes into the inner workings of a one Dr. Hannibal Lecter – his machinations and how he is able to pull the wool over multiple people’s eyes.

Book: Fiction

The fate of the galaxy in the hands of children

Six kids with the power to become any animal whose DNA they acquire in an all out war against parasitic slugs hell bent on conquering the galaxy. Well technically it’s four kids, an alien cadet and a hawk-boy who is the alien’s nephew.

I am halfway through the series and it helped me reach my reading goal for this year.

Book: Non-Fiction

23 anti procrastination habits

I share this one for the irony – I started reading it several months ago and I haven’t finished it.


More rock? Well, it’s me of course there’s rock. But this hit different:

Sam Smith – Diamonds
dermont Kennedy – Without fear

The entire album is remarkable

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So There Are Vaccines Now

I hate to say this… What are you saying? No I don’t. I’m loving this. I’m loving every bit of it because I saw this and I said so months ago…

I was watching the news this other day, they were discussing the vaccines that are most effective against coronavirus. It was an interview of sorts discussing distribution, an interview with – as if I had glimpsed into the future – Bill Gates.

Word on the street has it that everything that’s happening has been carefully orchestrated by one man and his wife. Why? In a bid to acquire more wealth of course.

Corona Virus – What Is Real?

As it would so happen three of the four vaccines – Pfizer and Moderna and Novavax – are all from the United States. Coincidence? I think not.

The thing is I talked about this current situation – viruses that pop up from seemingly nowhere, followed by miraculous vaccines – in another post as well

Then there are always these outbreaks that ravage the planet then miraculously disappear. It’s usually, “We have discovered what it is but haven’t found a way to cure it. We can only treat the symptoms“,

Drugs aad The Pharmaceutical Industry

Now, don’t go around calling me Nostradamus or anything, but I did say this would happen.

I am not offering anything useful, I’m just here to gloat.



Answers – Part 3 : Of Childhood and Safety

I asked a few simple questions, but she’s giving so much more

The Quill

This post follows frompart 1and 2. I’m again clubbing two questions as they mean the same things to me, personally.

Are you still in touch with your inner child? If so, do you mind telling me about them?
Do you feel safe?

In a word, yes. But let me tell you the story.

Last day, I came across this tale of a brave warrior.

The warrior was well renowned for his courage, and when people asked him what his secret was, he would tell them that when he felt fear, he took refuge in a castle where he was always protected. One night, he was passing through a forest when a band of robbers – who knew him by reputation – caught him. “You can’t go to your castle now!” They taunted him. But the brave warrior smiled and said, “Oh, but my castle is within. And…

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