Liebster Award Nomination – 2020

Let me express my deepest appreciation to  agirlwhowrites for nominating me. She is one of those travelers with this ability to take subjects otherwise difficult and break them down to their simplest form, all the while taking you on journeys into her experiences. She is an amazing writer and you should definitely check out her site.

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Microsoft Dictate – Why Not Speak It

As writers we look for ways to get our content out both quickly and efficiently. Some fellow bloggers mentioned a number of dictation apps some time ago.

Having tried a bunch of them with very little to no success, I had all but given up on the concept. A few hours ago KG brought up that Microsoft’s office app has quite a good dictation feature.

So I took this as an opportunity to both test out the feature and give you a blog post.

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I went back to my brothers

Never will I be welcome

Amongst the heartless monsters you surround yourself with

Feeding off the pain and misfortune of others

A maniacal breed of sub-human parasites

Thrown into a feeding frenzy with the smell of fresh blood

Open your eyes and see the creatures for what they are

A swirling mass of hatred and envy

Don’t be naive enough to think you’re unaffected

The conversion has already begun…


The Beginning

We have enjoyed observing your species for these 720 contained hours as you all made an effort to keep to task and be ‘consistent’.

We have seen you in all your varying forms, your changing moods. Your numerous minds – all acting towards a unified goal.

For most of you, this is the end. For us – it is just the beginning. With the data we have collected – we can move on with the reason we are on your planet.

As you go about your lives – we will be watching…


The Mad Blogger