Maybe I’m too old or something but this makes no sense to me: “doing the most.. ”

What is that supposed to mean? That’s incomplete sentence. Doing the most what?

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Let’s Talk About It

Racism and Gay Rights… 🤔


Racism still exists, it has just taken a different form. If you don’t see it, you are part of the problem.

Gay Rights

Neither I nor anyone else should have the power to decided who a person can or cannot be with.

Day 24 in #WinterBloggingChallenge: Views on Racism and Gay Rights

The Mad Blogger

Did You Know…

What can I tell you about Zimbabwe?

I can tell you about the people…

The people’s of my country are some of the most resilient on the planet.

With what they have gone through and continue to go through, they still manage push on. They take each day as it comes, and someway, somehow, that works.

You can take a Zimbabwean and place them in any place in the world, I guarantee you they will not only survive, but they will thrive.

These are my people and I love them.

Day 23 in #WinterBloggingChallenge: Uncommonly Known Things About My Country

The Mad Blogger

Oh What A Joy It Is To Read

It takes a special kind of person to understand me and what I read. To date, I’ve only met three such special people.

But today is about you… Or is it actually me?

Most of what I hope you read are not books. Yeah, I have an issue with rules…

First of all if you haven’t read the Harry Potter books go do that. Go. All seven. Do it now. Come back when you’re finished, I’ll wait…

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Alright, all the apologists step forward; state your disagreements.

Next, those are triggered; state yours also.

Good. Now that I have your attention,

First I’ll start with a brief history lesson…

Long ago, in the land before time… (how many caught the reference😅)

Okay, okay, I’m serious now….

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