#1: The Spook’s Apprentice [Revenge of the Witch]

A brief introduction:

A Spook, as he is called by the people, is what we would normally call a warlock. His job is to deal with all the things that go bump in the night. Ghosts, ghouls, ghasts, witches, boggarts. He rids a place of these. Despite all the work he does, he is not welcome amongst the towns people so he lives in the outskirts. And lastly, he must be the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. As only he has the gift to be able to see and not be fooled by all of these creatures of the dark.

The story is told by Thomas Ward, living with his parents and his six other brothers at a family farm. With his eldest already married and baby on the way, the house is becoming quite crowded. It is decided that Tom be an apprentice with the Spook, him being a seventh son.

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Forays Into Grammar

It really puzzles me that in 2018 there are still people who have confusions with the usage of the following words. So I’m back again with another grammar aggravation. My Forays Into Grammar…

This particular journey shall be in three parts:

  1. Where /Were /We’re
  2. There / Their / They’re
  3. Your / You’re

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The Wardstone Chronicles

Last time I did a book review, I did a brief synopsis on my most favourite book series: Harry Potter.

I promised myself to read more this year and I have not been keeping up to this. So I thought what better way than to use my blog as a means to push myself.

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Zim Blog Awards

Zim Blog Awards sponsored by ZOL and Fine and Country.

When they were announced in December last year, March seemed so far. But here we are, nominations happened, the public voted, then it was the job of the chosen judges to select the winners.

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Fine Tooth Comb Chronicles #1: Asking A Girl Out

I believe now I’m allowed to poke some holes in certain things we’re told to believe when we’re younger, or in general.

I’ll be running a fine tooth comb through some these…

This one is particularly about

If you ask a girl out and she says no, you should keep asking her and eventually she will say yes

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Is There Life Out There?

A mystery that has been there since the dawn of time. We constantly look to the stars wondering if there is life out there.


This has been the subject of multiple debates. And it has spawned numerous conspiracy theories; Area 51, Roswell, the Bermuda Triangle. Now how far true any of these are, I would not know. For so long as the powers that be remain in control we may never really know.

I personally do believe there is life out there. Why? Look at this planet we live, at some of the ancient structures that you find all around us. Just take a look at history (which is a lot for  me, never liked history at school…..maybe it was the type of history perhaps)

Yes, there have been many explanations on how they might have been built, but none of them really proven. Well not to my satisfaction rather.

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Hustler’s Market

A great event for local business. A great platform for us the youth to showcase what we have what we’re producing and to get more exposure.

My initial reason for going there had nothing to do with the Market itself. I had gone to get the 6 pack I won from MaKupsy. But the atmosphere was so welcoming I ended up staying much longer.

She wasn’t kidding

Everyone was friendly, and I talked to everyone like we already knew each other, yet we only met that day. Rarely do I get such a reception when I go to these type of events. For that, bravo Hustler’s Market ! Bravo !

A menagerie of local, unique, one of a kind products were on sale. I saw a couple of things I’d like. Unfortunate that I hadn’t perceived this prior.

All manner of food was available, drinks were in abundance. The one problem I had was the DJ had a questionable playlist…

I met a bunch of people I listen to but never get to meet. The guys from NhaiOnai and Sadza in the Morning and a bunch more. And it turns out, as I suspected, they are my kind of people; gamers and animé fans…

Oh, saw my cousin there also , really need to catch up more with him.

Whether you’re buying something or not, it’s a great event to attend. The perfect place, in my opinion for meeting new people and networking.

So come to the next Hustler’s Market, cause I’m definitely going back. I enjoyed myself.


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