The Dumb Shit I Do

I’ve done some stupid things over the course of my life, but today( Thursday 22nd of August) takes the cake.

I not impulsive. I’m a chess player, every thing I do, every move is thought out, its calculated.

So why in the hell did I do that? Of all things. Spur of the moment? That is not me.

Now I must deal with the results of my actions


P. S. Anyone wants a drinking buddy, hit me up. I need to kill some brain cells


Is Writing Properly Really That Hard?

Why is it that with all the help literally at your fingertips, it seems so difficult to write properly. Some of the things that are acceptable on the internet should never have been birthed into existence.

Let’s get to brass tax shall we:

  • Issa
  • Doing the most
  • I can’t even
  • If you know you know

The first of these falsehoods. I refuse to give a subheading. Writing it up there hurt, bad . I get what you are possibly trying to say, my query is why can’t you write it properly? Have you really gotten that lazy?

What on think of you

To re-educate you:

It is a or It’s a. Never what you so carelessly constantly use.

Do you really need me to bring back Forays Into Grammar? I will do that.

Doing the most

For all intense and purposes, this is an incomplete sentence. I donot care what so called meaning is supposed to be derived from it, it is still an incomplete sentence.

Doing the most what?

I can’t even

Yet another incomplete sentence. You can’t even what?

If you know you know

This one is becoming more widespread than I would like. I don’t know who started it, but I don know I donot ever want to meet them. I

No, I donot know. If your goal is to be so secretive about said subject matter, why not keep it to yourself?

Whatever it is you are trying to convey with these is lost on me, and I refuse to poison my writing with it.

Your devices that you cling to make an active effort to help you but you override them, and to what end?

If you do any of these I can’t ever take you seriously.

That is all.

The Mad Blogger

PS. The only time the middle two are acceptable is when followed by an ellipsis, which is never the case.

Ocean Eyes

Music is a big part of my life and who I am. Most people who know me would say that I’m the rock and metal type. I won’t deny that, that is very true. I do favour those genres, but that’s not all I listen to…

A brief history so you get the context. On a particular day my niece, someone I rarely agree with on music, was playing a song and I really like how it sounded. I asked her for the title, it was this song:

I had heard of Billie before but hadn’t paid enough attention to her. After that song I did some research, like I do with every artist that sparks my interest, to find what else she had done.

And I came across this song:

Which brings us to the reason for this post. I think I’ve had this song on repeat for the past weeks. You might say that’s too much, but it makes me feel things. Things I had forgotten I could feel, and more specifically it reminds me of someone.

This is a person I knew during a simpler time. They wanted nothing than just to know me. To this day, after all these years, I can still recall the face, the voice and the smile. The smile that somehow said, “Hey, wanna talk?” There has not been a smile that’s done that since.

I would give anything to just see them one more time, ask how they’re doing, and if they still remember me. Because I can never forget this them.

I’m really happy I had the chance to meet this person and get to know them, even just briefly.

Billie Elish’s Ocean Eyes takes me back. Back to a place I wish to be, back to someone.

She gave me Ocean Eyes…

Perhaps we’ll meet again.


Can We Stop All The Hate? Please

If you’ve read any of my earlier posts yo know I love rock music. If you haven’t, I’m telling you now, I am a massive metalhead. Usually, whatever introduces you to something, you rarely ever forget.

My introduction to rock was through a band I’ve seen gets a lot of grief on and off line. At first I didn’t understand why everyone hated these amazing guys. Then after careful observation I learnt why. Most people only know two of their songs(the two I don’t like)

I’m going to try to change their minds and yours too if you’ve ever disregarded these guys.

Come with me as I reintroduce you to…


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The Scourge of the Ads

The Internet used to be a beautiful place, a wonderful place, filled with so much splendour and amazement. But as it has transformed into a place where numerous people make a living so has the increasing abundance of Ads.

In the beginning it was something you could ignore, but now they are EVERYWHERE. And I for one am very annoyed…

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Why I Favour Fiction over Non Fiction

I’ve always been a reader, even when I was younger. The first books I read were the Peter Rabbit series that you’d read and watch on a tape (yes I’m that old). Over the years my love for reading has only increased.

However, I do not like to be told what to read, one of the reasons I said no to literature. If I’m reading a book it has to capture my attention and spark my curiosity. The only books that have always been able to consistently do that are fiction.

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