Imagining more •
Than that normally perceived •
You find greater truth •


In The Spirit of Completion

October was real fun, a selection of movies to try and undo the travestis done unto my favourite genre. I went over 30 movies that I consider pieces of cinema mastery.

I then realised that I have a number of series’ that I started but didn’t get to finishing. I think that shall be the next conquest I take on.

In the Spirit of Completion, come along with me as I finish what I started.


Thank You, But We’re Not Done

Thank you for coming with me on this little trip of what I consider a true scare.

Given that, I have to of course give you a Halloween/Horror survival guide:

  • A cabin in the woods is no place for a getaway
  • Ouija boards are not toys and should be destroyed immediately.
  • If it takes too much effort to get to something, leave it be.
  • Things that are locked away are locked away for a reason.
  • Ancient ruins are no place for a party
  • If you do happen to find yourself in a precarious situation, do not, I repeat, DO NOT SPLIT UP

There you have it, follow these simple guidelines and you just might make it out live.

I guess I’ll see you again next year.