Day 30: Ringu – #D30DH

This is really kind of fitting. The last day, I have the original to the one that was on the last day last 30 Days of Horror.

A couple of teenagers, a cursed tape. You know the drill…

My Verdict

I don’t like this movie, I’ve said it before. The original is way worse. I don’t know why, but it freaks me the hell out.


Day 29: The Cabin In The Woods – #D30DH

We live at the mercy of ‘The Ancient Ones’

In a lab, two scientists, Hadley and Sitterson, discuss a ritual, after a similar one has failed elsewhere….

Dana, Jules, Curt, Holden, and Marty are spending the weekend at a cabin in the forest. The scientists control the lab remotely, manipulating the group. The lab teams take bets on what monster will attack the group first and go over the failures of the other international operations.

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Day 27: The Empty Man – #D30DH

From the man comes his thoughts. From his thoughts come the dreams. From the dreams comes the power. From the power comes the bridge. From the bridge comes the man.

An ancient cult. A power passed down through the ages. One objective…

The Empty Man

My Verdict

The Empty Man was a breath of fresh air. In a time where most horrors were horrendous, and I had dismissed it based on its name. But boy was I in for a rude awakening.


Day 26: The Hallow – #D30DH

“If you trespass upon them they’ll trespass upon you.”

Adam Hitchens and his family – wife Claire, son Finn – travel to a remote Irish village enclosed by a massive forest. – why oh why do we keep going to these remote places.

He specialises in plant and fungal life. While exploring the forest with his son, he happens upon a carcass with a strange fungal substance emanating from it. He takes a sample home. His wife meets a local Colm who is not amused that they have moved in.

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