I Met… Me

I have not met that many people who I share a name with. But by some stroke of a luck, I met a writer – that’s what I’m calling him – who is not only my namesake but a great person too. Naturally we started talking…

I do not visit his site as often as I should, but when I do I always find something incredible to read.

Limits are entirely subjective, however non-existent for me with an endorsement from an existence that surpasses my own. Striving for the original; stick around, I’ll make it worth your while.


So we had an idea, this the first part of that idea. I asked him some questions and he did the same…

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Lost: Guest Post

I bring you another offering from Charles. I asked for this one specifically because I have been feeling out of place recently….

I have lost myself again
in this wilderness,
Lost myself again in these thickets…
I have lost form -rickets
And the night has enveloped me-
Only hear crickets…
This is the path of the wanderer
The trail of an adventurer
The way of the whelp
Who grew up through bruises and brazes
Because he never got any help..
This is why my victories are sweet
For there is more bitterness in them
Than them being just merely bittersweet..
I am a tower built of sand
Tall in a short way
There is a lot that went in
For me to even stand..
It is grotesque
Its a pain to the eyes
But the effort was only seen by God’s eyes!
There is a beauty
That lies in darkness…
Im just looking for it
Thats why I am again Lost!

Charles Fox


Oh how this world is a jungle you walk through to reach your destination, a jungle so beautiful with so many things to experience.

Take different paths, see different things, experience different things as you walk to your destination, because once you reach the end there is no going back to see that waterfall.

Society has moulded us to focus on the destination and not the moment and not the lesson, but to walk to the end on one path.

But we never realise until it’s late, once the journey is over, it is time to go home, you’ve missed the point of the journey, and all its wonders, lessons and memories…


The Fall : Guest Post

I have been drifting away from love
Levitating , enjoying my solitude
Enduring the lack of gravity
Floating in space ..
Then she came along
Like a supernova
She exploded with burning love
And her meteorite debris
Bombarded my heart, mind and soul…
All that I was ended
And I began the almighty fall
I began to feel everything
I was shrewd ..
A wise man in my ways
Cautious and defensive
Now I am open and defenseless
Gravity has befriended me
The cordless kite has been struck
Down it goes into the dreaded abyss
Known to men as love
Used to be Free…
Used be the one for all…
Now Im the one
Who cant escape
This abyss’ Free-fall.


This piece done by a writer with a mind akin to mine; Charles Fox.

He so graciously accepted my invitation to guest post


Finding Home : Guest Post

This post is inspired by Dante’s ‘Return to my Roots’, the first post of his that caught my eye and eventually introduced me to a whole world of interesting thoughts and ideas. Thank you, once more!

“D’you remember that cave? We should have stayed in that cave. I told you so.”

For those of you who are familiar with the saga, this is both a beautiful and heart-breaking moment. (And for those of you who aren’t/ haven’t gotten far, please don’t go on a search. Take the quote at face value, you’ll thank me later.)

Oak Tree by Ullswater Lake, Lake District, Cumbria, England, UK

There are these works of art that are so profound, just a single quote or scene from them take you to the deepest philosophical ravines.

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