How Will You Raise Your Children?

When WhatsApp added statuses, I was very against it – I still am. I don’t like the concept of duplicating features across apps – even if you do own all of them.

Whilst most people post memes or things meant to entertain, I have a friend of mine who amongst all the the chaos imparts words, words of wisdom.

A couple of days ago this is what he shared:

My son will never have to deal with toxic masculinity because he will be raised with love as I was. He’ll be raised to respect women, have a gentle heart and never abuse physically or verbally. Never insult a woman or be derogatory towards her because at the end of the day we all came into this world through a woman’s body.

If you are raised with enough love, laughter and kindness you will never have a toxic muscular personality. The problem with society is that they frown on something they do not want to fix. That’s like staring at a toilet filled with shit and expecting the shit to go down the drain without flushing it.

Teach your sons love and emotion.

That’s how you stop a gender based violence pandemic,,,

My daughter will not be a victim of toxic feminism as well. There are a lot of bitter and spiteful women masquerading as feminists who are not happy with other women’s happiness. They want you to engage in their bitter parades so they can finally have friends who share something in common with.

Actual feminism is okay. Then there are these ladies who feel fulfilled by treating every man as a bad one just because they made bad choices in their lives. You could ask them the definition of feminism and they will start attacking men for no reason – because the bitterness is strong. Toxic feminism is like pyramid scheme – recruit one bitter lady and get fulfilled.

Protect your happiness.

Toxic Feminism is the reason for Toxic Masculinity and vice versa. Both go hand in hand. Show me a girl who is bitter towards men and I’ll show you the guy who caused it. In the same vein, show me a guy who is disrespectful towards women and I’ll show you the girl who triggered him to “be a man”.

Solve both problems, don’t aggravate the situation for the next generation by not looking at both sides of the coin.

  • Terry Potter Rain

When I read this, I felt more people needed to as well.