Of Periods…

Scrolling through my timelines I have come across a number of posts relating to this particular monthly occurrence. Having read them, I am better informed now.

I love this kind of growth. Something once considered taboo and never to be talked about is being discussed, openly and freely.

But one period is being neglected. Which one you might ask?

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Tools & Resources I Use For Language Learning

In an earlier post, I touched on the ways you can learn a new language. Consider this post a sort of continuation to that one.

I’ll be going more in depth on what I use on a daily, what I’ve tried, what I’ve stopped and why.

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100+ Followers: Thank You

Over the course of time, I’ve learnt to celebrate the little things, the small victories. I’ve learnt to grasp at any little bit of happiness that I can because I rarely ever get the chance to.

A hundred plus followers on here is most certainly not a small victory. It’s a truly great one, considering how erratic my posting can be at times.

That over a hundred of you have taken the time out of your day to visit my chaotic piece of the interwebs is absolutely… (I can’t find the word right now)

This is a THANK YOU.

A thank you to who has visited.

A thank you to you who has followed.

A thank you to you who has liked.

A thank you to you who has commented.

A thank you to you who has shared.

A thank you to you who keeps coming back.

And a thank you to you who will visit.

It’s milestones like this (this is a milestone right?) that tell me that I’m doings at least something right.

So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for all the support and encouragement. It means a lot.


Learn A Language; The Correct Way?

It’s no secret that I love languages; written, spoken, coded, I love them all.

I believe it’s because I hate monotony, I hate being stuck in the same routine over and over. Languages never stay constant, they change, they evolve, there is always something new each day.

Now I’m not saying I’m the be all, end all authority on language learning, far from it. But I have delved deep enough into it to have some informed opinions…

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