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I am Dante... Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo

The Art of Conversation: 3,2,1 – Quote Me!

Merci beaucoup ! I was nominated by B the intellect behind Becoming The Muse for this quotes challenge. The topic for this particular challenge is The Art Of Conversation. I can talk to anyone that is easy, but for me … Continue reading

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A Quiet Place : Thoughts and Review

ATTENTION! : If you have not watched this movie, stop now. This post contains SPOILERS and some unsettling images Anyone who knows me, is well aware that Horror is my most favourite movie genre. Recently, there haven’t been any horror … Continue reading

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The Human Being

I really don’t understand people. Someone will only look for you when one of two things happen: They want (not need) something from you Something unfavourable happens in their life and they think you had a part to play This … Continue reading

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Learning A New Language

Something that puts off a lot of people. The thought of learning a new set of grammar rules, vocabulary and all the other nuances that come with that language. Foreign languages fascinate me, the thrill of learning how to communicate … Continue reading

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Against the Masses

It’s always what’s trending What’s popular right now All of those things that never make me go wow You follow and conform like bees to the hive I’d rather be alone, by myself, an eagle flying free In your need … Continue reading

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I have always tried my best Regardless the outcome Yet every single time, my efforts go unseen Sometimes I feel, like blowing a gasket or two But for some reason, I choose not to If I speak my mind, I … Continue reading

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In the corner I am, quiet I remain You use what you see, the surface you’ve barely scratched For hidden deep within, something most astounding Only to be seen, if you peel the layers Not for the feint of heart, … Continue reading

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