What Do You Fear Most About Death?

Death. A touchy subject. One that has people in all sorts of ways.

It scares a lot of people. It and things relating to it. Here are some fears people have :

  • Dying violently
  • Not having lived up to my full potential before I die
  • Not knowing what comes after
  • Where one goes after…
  • Dying with regrets
  • Having to reset my life

What do I fear most about it?


To me, death is an unknown. If you let the unknown have any control over you, you will not be able to live your life to the fullest, live your best life.

I’ll explain like this. No-one knows what happens when you die. Just a lot of speculation. Now, are you going to let speculation have that kind of hold over you?

I know for some people it’s a form of motivation, a driving force. But wouldn’t it be better to be motivated by something other than that?

Also, I don’t view death an end, or a chapter in a book. I view as the next phase in whatever journey this is.

For me, the most exciting journeys are the ones you take one day at a time. I choose to live that way, step by step…

À Petits Pas, J’irai Très Loin


My Bridge to Terabithia

Bridge to Terabithia, a 2007 film adaptation of a book with the same name…

I watched this movie a while ago. At the time I didn’t fully get what it had to teach. It was only after I rewatched it recently that I now fully appreciate it.

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Disturbed – Not Just A Band

My introduction to rock was Nickelback, but after I exhausted all their albums I needed more. So I asked one of my friends for any rock music he had. he gave me two songs; one by Dead Sara(which he thought i’d like) and the other was Down With The Sickness…. And that’s how I discovered Disturbed


Disturbed is heavy metal band comprising of David Draiman(lead vocals), Dan Donegan(lead guitar), Mike Wengren(drums) and John Moyer(bass). I can proudly say they are a major part of where and who I am today…

It’s very rare that the entire discography of any one artist speaks to me and I can relate each track to a point in  my life. This is my experience with every song Disturbed has released to date. And because of this, I always have Disturbed on my playlist. 

Disturbed’s mascot, referred to only as The Guy is found on most of their artwork. He represents the anti-hero that ends up defeating large corporations or armies. He appears as a hooded figure, usually with a grin. Here he is below…

To most people Disturbed are just another rock band. To me, they are so much more. They have gotten me through some very tough times. they have been there through the happy times. Even in the crazy times.

On the 19th of October they released their 7th studio album; Evolution. All the  DisturbedOnes joined in the countdown to release. The singles initially  released from it are amazing. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, The entire work of art is INCREDIBLE!

Here’s a quote that speaks to me:  

Can you tell me what exactly does freedom mean, If I’m not free to be as twisted as I wanna be

Disturbed  – Divide

So thank you David, Dan, Mike and John. Without you, I  would definitely be a Lost Child.

Disturbed are my brothers, they are my family…

I’ll end this post with a track from Evolution:


1000 Worth 6#

And here’s another

A picture is worth a thousand words


Sunset on the Serengeti, on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. Deep in the heart of this wilderness, overlooked by Mount Kilimanjaro.

Untouched by humanity, tranquil resting in humility. Here the ancestors speak and mother nature thrives in all her splendor.

Another day ends, soon another shall begin. Another chance for the sun to adorn this plane once more. It is an age old tale told in the movement of the planets and vibrance of the stars.

Look up and gaze at a stary night sky and maybe, just maybe you might hear this tale too …



Of Harare WordCamp 2018

Becoming The Muse

Of WordCamp Harare 2018 

WordCamp Harare

In a few days theWordPress local community of Harare brings you the 2018 WordCamp Harare. 23-24 November 2018

wordcamp harae 2018 Zimbabwe

A WordCamp is a conference organized to host WordPress practitioners ranging from the occasional blogger to digital experts and those curious about dipping their toes in the interwebs.

If you are reading this post (which is on a blog powered by WordPress and you have website or blog which runs on WordPress) you should be asking yourself why you aren’t attending a WordCamp near you; look them up.

This will be the third WordCamp to be held in Harare and its growing bigger and better; now it’s a two day event including a contributor’s day and even a junior workshop.

The highlight of WordCamp is presentations from volunteer speakers who are simply ordinary WordPressers such as you, sharing on topics they are passionate about, you…

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My Psyche

You want to know about me?

Delve into my psyche.

A world of torment and horrors, that’s where you’ll find me.

Insanity is my norm, twisted my true form, my mind, a place where terrors are born.

Don’t ever try to understand it, attention you’ll need psychiatric.

I’ll mess up your mind you’ll want to abandon it.

Just a fair warning, you ever seem boring, I’ll take you to a world where reality, fantasy and horror are one….