Answers – Part 3 : Of Childhood and Safety

I asked a few simple questions, but she’s giving so much more

The Quill

This post follows frompart 1and 2. I’m again clubbing two questions as they mean the same things to me, personally.

Are you still in touch with your inner child? If so, do you mind telling me about them?
Do you feel safe?

In a word, yes. But let me tell you the story.

Last day, I came across this tale of a brave warrior.

The warrior was well renowned for his courage, and when people asked him what his secret was, he would tell them that when he felt fear, he took refuge in a castle where he was always protected. One night, he was passing through a forest when a band of robbers – who knew him by reputation – caught him. “You can’t go to your castle now!” They taunted him. But the brave warrior smiled and said, “Oh, but my castle is within. And…

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Memes abound regarding how 2020 should never have happened, of how nice it would be if we could just rewind back to earlier days – simpler days, many would say. There was quite a lot of sad news doing the rounds in the media in the past few days, and I don’t even have to […]