Midnight Thoughts

The rage of this planet is clear as crystal, as you all stand and stare. I rage against the masses in hate and anguish.

With a vengeance at what made, I long to vanquish that which binds me.

It seems within this existence, whenever one thing goes south, everything else follows.

The pain and anguish of a bygone era is foretold through my actions, a revolution bound by a creed unknown.

Vile, yet conceptual. Distinct always with purpose. What spews from this mind has been sealed away for eons, it’s long forgotten.

But now it arises, to cleanse the masses of what controls them.

(this is from my archives)

My Anger Is Justified

They say life is a gift. Sadly I have never been able to believe this. How would I, when life, to me seems more like a burden and a curse than a gift.

Or perhaps I have lost the meaning of the word “gift

I am alone, or should I say I feel alone. They talk of letting your emotions out, it will make you feel better. But how do I let it out when no-one understands me, when no-one listens, no-one sees things from where I am?

My life has been an endless chain of terrible events. I anger because I have reason to. My rage has a purpose, it has reason…

My anger is justified


(this is from my archives)

I Haven’t Gone Away

I know I haven’t been posting as often as I used to. It’s because I have been preparing for my exams and I’m now writing them…

Also, before I discovered blogs I used to write things on paper. I found one of the books I used to write in, so I will be posting them here.

I am returning…