Oh how this world is a jungle you walk through to reach your destination, a jungle so beautiful with so many things to experience.

Take different paths, see different things, experience different things as you walk to your destination, because once you reach the end there is no going back to see that waterfall.

Society has moulded us to focus on the destination and not the moment and not the lesson, but to walk to the end on one path.

But we never realise until it’s late, once the journey is over, it is time to go home, you’ve missed the point of the journey, and all its wonders, lessons and memories…



Bound by perception, A violent misconception.

Looking back at my reflection, I’ve created an infection.

These are my words, now look how I use them.

How mould them and fuse them, Into something that’ll make you lose it.

Violently, apparently, you don’t understand my parodies.

It’s a kind of reality, that I show absent mindedly.

It’s obvious you cannot understand, it’s this clarity,
That I blatantly spew, ever so vagrantly.
And you supposedly think you can oppose me?

Now that’s a greater fallacy than aliens in our galaxy.

And as I weave words factually, I’ll make you forego all your atrocities…


Oh Prompt Me Do; Within These Pages…

While I was voyaging the blogsphere I came across a bunch of interesting prompts. This is me joining everyone taking part in Oh Prompt Me Do

To Rory and everyone else…

I am a fly and I’m going to tell you a atory. A story Within These Pages

Lower I descend as it comes into focus. I should go past, the universe knows I won’t. It’s that one thing that makes the giants most angry. My curiosity to them, incessant.

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