To The Greatest Bond Ever.

I was having an okay day until I heard that Sir Sean Connery passed…

This completely changed my entire mood. I’m heartbroken – utterly and completely. Many have played Bond, none were Bond.

Sean Connery embodied Bond perfectly for me. He was THE BEST BOND

There have been a few people in the public eye who’s passing got to me – this one is personal, very personal.

My dad introduced me to Bond when I was young. Watching Dr. No with him is one of the memories I hold dear that have left of him.

My love and interesting in James Bond was spawned then. Through all the movies Sir Connery starred in; Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, You Only Live Twice, Diamonds Are Forever. Subsequently, there has not been a movie that I’ve watched that stars Sean that I do not like.

Thank you for the memories and portrayal of what is expected of a man.

Here’s a glass to you

God speed Sir. Connery. You will forever be my Bond



I went back to my brothers

Never will I be welcome

Amongst the heartless monsters you surround yourself with

Feeding off the pain and misfortune of others

A maniacal breed of sub-human parasites

Thrown into a feeding frenzy with the smell of fresh blood

Open your eyes and see the creatures for what they are

A swirling mass of hatred and envy

Don’t be naive enough to think you’re unaffected

The conversion has already begun…


Of Writing and Pens You Want To Eat

Some months back, I was scrolling through my WordPress reader and stumbled on a question, a simple one but got me curious:

Do you like scented pens?

It was Rory, gifting a set of five scented pens absolutely free of charge. How? Just send an email, that’s it. So I did…

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What You Don’t See

I wrote about this, sort of, some time ago, just don’t remember which post it was. I thought it relevant to touch on it again.

You will never see me in a state, very few people have, very few people will. Whether I’m happy, angry, sad or any other emotion, you will never see it. Over the course of this existence I have not only learnt, but have mastered keeping things to myself.

I’ve heard some people saying, “trust the process”. Well I’m very familiar with the process and I know exactly how it will do me. So I smile, I laugh, I act happy like everything is fine. But in actuality I’m far from it.

I know someone is going to suggest ways that my help me. If you do, I challenge you to propose something I haven’t done before. Beacuse what you see is only the surface, what I choose to show you.

Yeah, so if you see me smiling and laughing don’t assume that I’m happy.


Can We Stop All The Hate? Please

If you’ve read any of my earlier posts yo know I love rock music. If you haven’t, I’m telling you now, I am a massive metalhead. Usually, whatever introduces you to something, you rarely ever forget.

My introduction to rock was through a band I’ve seen gets a lot of grief on and off line. At first I didn’t understand why everyone hated these amazing guys. Then after careful observation I learnt why. Most people only know two of their songs(the two I don’t like)

I’m going to try to change their minds and yours too if you’ve ever disregarded these guys.

Come with me as I reintroduce you to…


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Why Can I Never Be Happy? 

This is a question that has become common place for me. Why? I don’t know.

It seems anytime I have a modicum of happiness, something or someone always takes that away.

It all started when I was 10, when my dad passed. Now it’s very hard to lose a parent at that age. Thinking about him still brings me to tears. Which is worsened with everyone with fathers who don’t even care about them.

Ever since then any glimmer of hope has been snatched from me just when I thought it could actually be getting better.

And now I have reached my limit, I can’t take anymore of this pain, this hurt.

Why should I be hopeful when nothing ever works out for me? When something always has to interfere with anything I try. It’s really difficult to keep a strong composure when your crushed over and over again.

Sometimes I feel like crying, but I can’t, cause apparently “boys don’t cry“. We are always supposed to be strong. But how can I be strong when all I know is disappointment, struggle and pain?

I am human too, I have feelings too. I don’t show them because over the years I’ve come to realise that how I feel is always neglected. Whenever I do, I’m said to be whining. So I always suffer silently.

Then there’s the parent who won’t let me grow up. I understand every parent wants to protect their child, but this is just too much. I can’t enjoy time with my friends because there’ll always be that call ; “Where are? Who are you with? What are you doing?“…. I’m 24 for heaven’s sake! Let me live my life, make my mistakes, find my own way through this journey called life. For how long exactly do you expect to keep codling me? When I marry, will you still be doing this?

And what has really brought about this post is I had plans with someone very special to me, plans we prepared weeks prior, and with one simple action, you mess everything up for me. Basically, what I want, what I desire is of no importance, only your plans matter. How much more of this I can take, I honestly do not know….

But even through all of this, I still I try. Even when I have no hope. There’s only one thing that drives me to never give up. It’s not this parent, definitely not. It’s not family either, nor is it friends.

What drives me is someone, the only person who has treated me like a human, like an equal. The only person in this universe who truly understands me.

For this person and this person alone, I’ll keep trying. Despite all I’ve gone through. And today, more than any other day, I am so very sorry to her. I will have to make it up to her, for days to come. I only hope she will forgive me and not think I’m unreliable….

My life would be so much different if my dad was alive. I miss you dad, wish you were here. I really need you, now more than ever.

Deep from a place of anguish…


Alone in A Crowded Room 

I have scars on my body, and there was a time when I was ashamed to show them. But my nephew showed me there was nothing to be ashamed of. So I embraced them.


Now I wear them boldly. Each scar represents a different time in my life, a different story. All my scars are me, and I am my scars. There can’t be one without the other.

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