Laughter in Art

Welcome to Drawfee. Where we take you dumb ideas. And make even dumber drawings…


The first time I heard that I was instantly hooked. Drawfee? Drawing and coffee = Drawfee. Hehehe :D, they taught me that.

Drawfee, or the Drawfee team rather, are a group of digital artists that give drawing a comedic twist.

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Of the Pot of Gold at the End of a Rainbow

There’s an old Irish tale I recall. It’s a tale about gold, rainbows and a Leprechaun:

Leprechaun and his pot of gold

In Irish mythology, the leprechaun’s secret hiding place for his pot of gold was at the end of the rainbow. The leprechaun is said to be a trickster who often appears at night and is the cause of small mishaps around the house. He is depicted as a very small old man dressed in green, wearing an apron and with silver, sometimes gold buckles on his shoes.

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It’s All Worth It

I’d like to think when we all started blogging it was mostly for ourselves. Then someone read what we had written and could relate and that was awesome. So we kept writing and writing and now we’re here.

There’s a feeling, a wonderful feeling when someone, another writer, another blogger appreciates and compliments your writing. The prompt had said one compliment, but I can’t show you one and not the other….

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Fashion or style trend? No. Not gonna. I’m not  even bothering with this one…

Here: I Make And Define My Own Trends


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Comexposed Converge

On the 13th of October I attended Converge. 

What is Converge? Converge is a place where all the geeks come together. Comics, games. cosplay, you name it, it’s all there.

I would not have gone were it not for one of my friends, a mamgaka(manga artist) who was exhibiting there. Have a look at his manga here

I got there a bit early so I got to see what all the creators and artists had brought to showcase. On show were tapestries, digital art, comics and even manga, with local homegrown stories. The comic culture is alive in Zim, it is alive and well. 

In another section, tournaments were being held. One for Mortal Kombat and another for Street Fighter, but I hadn’t come to play that day.

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Oh So Soulful

I had the honour of being invited to join the Poetritis Nirvana WhatsApp group earlier this year.The invitation came from Sue Nyakubaya or a she is known soulfulmiss

Sue is a writer and a poet. Her blog is an expression of her thoughts. Thoughts brought about by her experiences. It’s her way of speaking to us. 

You can tell by how she writes, it’s all straight from the heart and she feels deeply about anything she writes.

You say take a right, I take a sho’t left…

… I don’t conform
I take control

Take Control

Connect with this soulful lady here:

Site: soulfulmiss

Twitter: soulfulmiss

BlogIndaba Wednesdays

Every Wednesday we hype up and crush on a different creative. It’s our way of growing this community. Because as another creative said “blogging means community


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Where Is this Place?

Past the mountains and veils. Beyond the streams, rivers and estuaries. Deep within a land long forgotten. That is where my voyage takes me…

Here, it is neither hot nor cold. It neither rains nor snows. A cool summer breeze, now and again blows. So much wonder this place has to show.

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