Why Aren’t There More Women in Programming?

I was completing one of my coding assignments yesterday.

A system that works out the bill to be paid by a customer depending on how many units of electricity they use. Also a surcharge is to be accounted for if they exceed a certain number of units.

I wrote the the logic down (as you’re supposed to do before typing anything).

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ISPs in Zimbabwe; Well the one I’m Using In Particular

I’m agitated, no I’m angry. Matter of fact…. Fuck that I’m FURIOUS!!!

After its rained heavily the evening of the 23rd, my Wi-Fi started having problems. Called the guys the next day, they said they would come fix it Saturday.

Saturday comes, I wait, nothing. Call them again the same day, some excuse I can’t be bothered to remember. Then they say Monday.

My agitation is increasing now. I’m forced to go to an Internet cafe to get my work done.

And now this is is Thursday, no progress….. AT ALL!

All my anger and frustration thanks to the “geniuses” at Tel One

FINALLY, it goes through, oh did I complain. (whoever said black people don’t complain had never met me) Guy starts apologising and all, “We’ll send technicians”

“Like on Saturday?! Or Monday?! I want a definite time they’re coming!”

Then he asks for my number. So now I wait, yet again.

I think all of you will agree that it makes no sense to say I have Internet at home if I have to go into town and use a cafe to get shit done.

What provider do you use? How reliable is it?

Thinking of changing after this load of crap.


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Day 24 – Conversation Killers

We refuse that you become lazy. We DEMAND proper grammar and spelling. If you find it so difficult then call(not WhatsApp call, an actual call)


Let me send you some of the “short hand messages” that come through in phones all over Zimbabwe, mine included.

Let me tell you what they mean.

“HUD” How You Doing

“WYA” Where You At

“Gr8” Great

“HBD” Happy Birthday

“l8tr” Later

“Kkkkk” ((this is supposed to be some form of laugh))  Please show me one person you have seen who laughs like that in real life.

“Cm tmw n brng ur own vhcl we wnt prvd trnspt” This is a very lazy someone who obviously can’t construct a sentence.

“fon” Phone

“waal” I have NO IDEA what this means, the word isn’t even in the dictionary, but if you know it’s meaning please give me a shout.

“K” Okay.  Anyone who K’s me does not get any replies from me for a very long time, what form of disrespect is that?  Like are you so busy you can’t even type the…

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#FeBlog Day 28: The Last Day

28 days blogging everyday, well 27 actually, missed a day.

I’ve ranted, spoken my mind and learnt things too. This challenge came at the perfect time for me9. I enjoyed it very much. Met new people along the way: bloggers, readers and everyone else who cared to read my posts.

I’ll share some the posts that I made this month, I enjoyed writing.

For February… It’s a wrap!

Thank you, old readers and new, followers and everyone who’s come to read everything I’ve had to rant on about.

The writing won’t stop, it can’t, just hoping you’ll return over and over for every new post.

I’ll seeing you soon, in a link near you 😂(I’m terrible)

Challenge…. Achieved (kinda )


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#FeBlog Day 27: Call to the Shadows

For some reason, that I can’t explain myself… I find poems, books and literature I end up falling in love with from things I watch…

From an animé I watch :

Realm of shadows in this twilight hour accept these souls and grant us power

Lie alone inside your chamber
gather strength to face the danger
imagination dead and gone.

Who would rightly hold the throne?

King and wizard, man and mage
resurrect the bygone age.
Darkness holding knowledge of
monsters, magic, memories, love
eternity a vengeance sweet
bring the Pharaoh to defeat.
Limitless the power is
in the end, what name is his?
Only he who would surrender his soul to one realm to keep this other whole.
Towards the end of history’s repeat bring the chanters to their feet-

Realm of shadows in this twilight hour accept these souls and grant us power…


Side Note

In one of my upcoming posts, I shall be explaining the difference between cartoons and animé

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#FeBlog Day 26: TV Programmes; Seen Anything Good?

Oh have I? I love my horror, fantasy, sci-fi and crime shows. Today I’ll tell you about four shows I really enjoy…. For me not to spoil it, I will give only brief synopses, like I did with my book review…

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#FeBlog Day 25: Things Kids Say

So I’ve complained a lot on Facebook, blocked a bunch of times. All because I’m a “Grammar Nazi” (term coined my one of my own there)

First aggravation: To be honest (tbh)

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