Love Can Be Found In The Most Unexpected Places 

Love is something I think we sometimes take for granted. Usually you ignore the ones who really care and waste time on those who wouldn’t give you the time of day.

Finding love, real love, true love,  not infatuation is very difficult. I can’t tell you how you know, but I will say this, when the right person comes along everything will all make sense.

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States of Unrest (Self) 

We face at times, states of unrest within this existence. States thatr cannot be defined by mere words.

There are those that do not understand that at times, one just wants to be left alone to their vices, in sweet solemn contemplation.

For only in quiet solitude and contemplation can you begin to find your self. 

But what is self? Honestly, I cannot say. But I’ll tell you what I think. Self is that part of you that you only know. That part you talk to when you are by yourself. That part you confide in when you really can’t trust the world. That part of you that knows everything there is to know about you. The part that knows all your darkest secrets 

Self, to me, is that inner voice within you, that either pushes you, or stops you from doing anything. The voice many call conscience. I call that voice self. 

Why? Because only something that is part of you, that is truly you, can have that much insight on you and your life.

So, in these States of Unrest, look within, trust in your self to help you find the best way forward… 


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How I Accepted Myself 

This is sort of a continuation on my last post: Alone In A Crowded Room. “Big lil’ sis”  thought it could be helpful to someone if I expanded more on it. So here it is…

Now I’m not going to say I have the solution to accepting yourself, I don’t. I’m just telling you about my journey, how I found acceptance of myself.

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Alone in A Crowded Room 

I have scars on my body, and there was a time when I was ashamed to show them. But my nephew showed me there was nothing to be ashamed of. So I embraced them.


Now I wear them boldly. Each scar represents a different time in my life, a different story. All my scars are me, and I am my scars. There can’t be one without the other.

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Words To The Page 

A man once asked ”How do you define evil?”. I answered,  “Evil is a point of view”.

What is evil? For what I consider evil, may  not be what you consider evil. My philosophies and concepts are outlandish and cannot be conceived by mere mortals

The sanctity of chaos brought forth through the eons. A misconception misconstrued on misdemeanour

Chaos reigns throughout  the eons. It has been, it will always be…

These winds that forebode through chaos and rage. 

In a world so uniquely subliminal that your penance will never absolve your sin.

The only solution is,  to give in and embrace the madness.

Welcome to the world of the dammed, a land of the forgotten…

A land where all hope and faith is gone. A land where the demons roam free. A land where there is no release from the torment. A land of endless suffering. 

As we watch hell in the horizon, and welcome the flames that burn so violently.

Children of the flame, rising up like phoenix. To bring forth vengeance. For only through vengeance can you find absolution. This is the only resolution. 

You have refused to change, you are too confortable in your way. Therefore face the consequences, the final judgment, the endgame. The final rattle, as the death rattle rings on and on and on, as it all fades to black…. 
These are the thoughts that run through my mind in the darkest hours of the night… 


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The idiosyncrasies of the human psyche to think I stop my entire schedule to cater to your every beck and call. I am not obliged to do anything for you. You do not pay me.

Never have I asked for the company or approval of a human. What makes you think you’re so special? Stupid human sub species. 

For not listening be prepared to deal with the repercussions. You do not assume anything when I am concerned. I am more at one with the demons that roam the underworld than with this wretched civilization you call an existence.

This rage has been locked away, fueled by eons of betrayal, eons of trust broken, eons of an inability to be true, eons of facades you hide yourselves behind! 

And yet still I continue. Why? Even I cannot explain. It could be the narcissistic side of me. I’d like to see how long you can continue to ignore what you’re doing to this planet and yourselves. Or it could be my twisted side the enjoyment of seeing the shit hit the fan. 

Yet, still you refuse to realise the truth. You are so comfortable in this lie you are living. But for how long do you think this lie will go on? For how long do you think it won’t come back to bite you? 

Is there hope for humanity? I really don’t know. 

Will humanity change its ways? Doubtful, but some have. 
Maybe these few can show the rest the way…


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How  YOU can progress 

I was told my last post was misleading, for that I apologise. But like my first post says, I will write out of sadness, happiness, anger, inspiration, disappointment or any other emotion…

So anyway, how do we as a species progress? It starts with each and every individual..

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