To The Greatest Bond Ever.

I was having an okay day until I heard that Sir Sean Connery passed…

This completely changed my entire mood. I’m heartbroken – utterly and completely. Many have played Bond, none were Bond.

Sean Connery embodied Bond perfectly for me. He was THE BEST BOND

There have been a few people in the public eye who’s passing got to me – this one is personal, very personal.

My dad introduced me to Bond when I was young. Watching Dr. No with him is one of the memories I hold dear that have left of him.

My love and interesting in James Bond was spawned then. Through all the movies Sir Connery starred in; Dr. No, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, You Only Live Twice, Diamonds Are Forever. Subsequently, there has not been a movie that I’ve watched that stars Sean that I do not like.

Thank you for the memories and portrayal of what is expected of a man.

Here’s a glass to you

God speed Sir. Connery. You will forever be my Bond


30 Days of Horror: Dante’s Favourites

As I said in this post, I am not in a good enough place to give you a 30 Days of Horror worthy of the title.

I’ll go over some of my favourites instead.

If you joined me last time, you may remember my criteria on what I consider a good horror movie:

  • A concrete story not something thrown together to drive the movie along
  • Character development. The characters have to be properly fleshed out
  • Ambiance. Dare I say the most important aspect I look for – if done right, the ambience will take me into the world of the movie, it can make me feel what the characters are feeling.
  • Music. Yes, music is very important, a single song can make or break a movie
  • Your monster/presence/entity/killer has to bring it. I want a proper villain, someone/something I can get behind

My favourites all cater to at least 80% of these criterion. Now its not just them alone that makes a horror my favourite, no. It needs to have told its own story, given me something I was not expecting and kept me engaged. Put simply, it’s a movie I would not mind watching over and over again.

So please, sit back as I take you on a journey through some of my favourite picks. I’ll try and be brief…

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No #D30DH This Year?

Sadly , no there won’t a 30 Days of Horror this year. I am not in a good headspace at the moment and I need to be in a better place to properly do those movies justice.

I had already compiled a list though, but I will have to push that to next year…

However, I will give you a post with some of my all time favourites. If not mid October then on Halloween eve.

Thank you for understanding.