Thank You, But We’re Not Done

Thank you for coming with me on this little trip of what I consider a true scare.

Given that, I have to of course give you a Halloween/Horror survival guide:

  • A cabin in the woods is no place for a getaway
  • Ouija boards are not toys and should be destroyed immediately.
  • If it takes too much effort to get to something, leave it be.
  • Things that are locked away are locked away for a reason.
  • Ancient ruins are no place for a party
  • If you do happen to find yourself in a precarious situation, do not, I repeat, DO NOT SPLIT UP

There you have it, follow these simple guidelines and you just might make it out live.

I guess I’ll see you again next year.


Day 25: Pet Sematary (2019) – #D30DH

I am not going to say a lot about Pet Semetary because this is one movie I believe everyone has either seen or at least heard about.

A family moves from the city to a smaller town to be closer. The family cat is hit by a truck on on the highway that is dangerously close to the house. They take the remains to a cemetery for pets.

But there is something different about this cemetery, it possesses the power to bring the pets back. But when they come back they area just a tad bit different…

That is the base story of the original and this one. This one however took the concept of this burial ground and did things with it that were absolute genius.

Watch it. You’ll understand what I mean.

My verdict

I really hate remakes. I made that abundantly clear when I talked about Child’s Play. This remake was good, better than I thought actually. Whilst sticking to the premise of the original,  it added a little something of its own that was unexpected but enjoyable.

You will rarely ever hear me say this, most likely never again: This was a good remake.