#7 The Spook’s Nightmare [Rise of the Huntress]

The Ordeen dealt with , the voyage to Chipenden commences immediately. Arrival does not bring good news.

The war has reached deep into the County and they get there to find the Spook’s house to ashes and his most prized possession; his library destroyed. Only one book survives, but barely. His Bestiary.

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#6: The Spook’s Sacrifice [Clash of Demons]

With the Bloodeye defeated, Tom’s training with Arkwright is at an end. He has proven himself quite capable. So it’s back to Chipenden. Old Gregory is waiting for him with a letter from his Mam. She wishes to see him. It’s important very important. They are to meet on Hangman’s Hill.

After having wondered what had become of his Mam when his father had passed, Tom is ecstatic to see her. However it is not good news she brings. She has come to ask a favour of Tom. A favour in two parts. First she needs the gold she had left him. Second she wants him to accompany her to her homeland, Greece to help her defeat an old enemy. She is also asking John to come along.

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#5: The Spook’s Mistake [Wrath of the Bloodeye]

With the threat of the Fiend temporarily averted, Tom must go train with one of the Spook’s old apprentices; Bill Atkins.

Bill is well skilled with dealing with water witches and that training will be vital for the days to come. He lives in his family’s mill with a moat that must constantly be refilled with salt to keep creatures of the Dark out and the ones bound in.

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#4: The Spook’s Battle [Attack of the Fiend]

Winter has ended and we return to Chipenden. But it’s only for a brief moment, because the Spook has unfinished business in Pendle; the home of 3 witch covens; the Malkins, the Deans and the Mouldheels . Their threat has to be dealt with now as they seek to raise the Fiend.

Tom must first retrieve the trunks left to him by his mam. But what he finds at Jack’s farm only makes things worse. The house been broken in and burned down.

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#3: The Spook’s Secret [Night of the Soul Stealer]

After what happened in Priestown, Tom, the Spook and Alice get a little time to rest before winter comes. They must go to the Spook’s winter home in Anglezarke.

On one cold night, the bell that calls the Spook is rung and Tom must go and see who it is. He arrives and a hooded figure is awaiting, dressed like a Spook. He has a letter for Mr. Gregory and he leaves just as mysteriously as he arrived.

Tom gives the letter to the Spook and upon reading it, he is not pleased at all…

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#2: The Spook’s Curse [Curse of the Bane]

A story can be told so many times it becomes difficult to distinguish fact from fiction.

The tale of the Bane however, is real. Very real.

It is said, a long time ago a king, King Hey had run out of options. His people tormented by a dark presence. A presence that not only attacked the minds, but drove them to do the unthinkable. Six of his sons buried only the seventh remained. Only through the bravery of Naze was this presence bound deep in the catacombs.

From that day on, this presence was known as the Bane.

Continuing the story…

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#1: The Spook’s Apprentice [Revenge of the Witch]

A brief introduction:

A Spook, as he is called by the people, is what we would normally call a warlock. His job is to deal with all the things that go bump in the night. Ghosts, ghouls, ghasts, witches, boggarts. He rids a place of these. Despite all the work he does, he is not welcome amongst the towns people so he lives in the outskirts. And lastly, he must be the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son. As only he has the gift to be able to see and not be fooled by all of these creatures of the dark.

The story is told by Thomas Ward, living with his parents and his six other brothers at a family farm. With his eldest already married and baby on the way, the house is becoming quite crowded. It is decided that Tom be an apprentice with the Spook, him being a seventh son.

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