Words From The Ancients

This is one aspect of humans that we found really scintillating. Proverbs were a way the older generation imparted words of wisdom without saying it literally.

We say were because as this planet has been overrun by technology, practices like these have been disappearing. With each emerging generation, the younger ones favour smartphones over human interaction.

As such, we have done a comprehensive search into human history and found five such proverbs that we would like to share. These proverbs are in Shona, one of the native languages of this planet.

We will share the proverb, its literal translation and the meaning behind it. As is, these proverbs make more sense in their original tongue.

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Working With A Brand

Our observation of this planet has focused mainly on the humans. The brands that we have come across did not hold anything we found particularly interesting.

Humans define a brand as a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of other sellers.

They use these brands in business, marketing, and advertising for recognition. A majority of this is done to create a presence and in promotion. Through a brand, a message or cause can be brought to the attention of more people.

We have noticed, in addition, that this ‘branding’ when executed well can lead to incredible results. In order to get these result, the brand or what is backing it, needs to deliver on what they promise.

Pertaining to what brand we would want to represent, we have not found one that aligns with what we are hoping to achieve on this planet. Hence, we will be conducting a deeper dive into this aspect of humankind.

#WinterABC2020 Day 10: Which brand would you love to represent and work

The Mad Blogger

Pay It Forward

During our stay here, there are few of these ‘Bloggers’ that have caught our attention

At the top of this list is one they call Uncle. For obvious reasons, we shall not be including him. We have observed that those part of their community, already know him.

Ergo, we will hand this over to consciousness well versed in this particular subject matter:

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What We Have Learnt

You require us to elaborate after our observations what we have learnt? Very well…

As we stated previously, humans are a confused species. As such, this took us longer than we expected to hone in on four specific things.

As a civilisation, if you can even call it that, these humans are so dependant on social media. To an extent that bring back our earlier question. A level of dependence that leads them top forget all else in pursuit of… of… We cannot understand what they hope to…

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