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The Art of Conversation: 3,2,1 – Quote Me!

Merci beaucoup ! I was nominated by B the intellect behind Becoming The Muse for this quotes challenge. The topic for this particular challenge is The Art Of Conversation. I can talk to anyone that is easy, but for me … Continue reading

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#FeBlog Day 28: The Last Day

28 days blogging everyday, well 27 actually, missed a day. I’ve ranted, spoken my mind and learnt things too. This challenge came at the perfect time for me9. I enjoyed it very much. Met new people along the way: bloggers, … Continue reading

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#FeBlog Day 27: Call to the Shadows

For some reason, that I can’t explain myself… I find poems, books and literature I end up falling in love with from things I watch… From an animé I watch : Realm of shadows in this twilight hour accept these … Continue reading

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#FeBlog Day 26: TV Programmes; Seen Anything Good?

Oh have I? I love my horror, fantasy, sci-fi and crime shows. Today I’ll tell you about four shows I really enjoy…. For me not to spoil it, I will give only brief synopses, like I did with my book … Continue reading

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#FeBlog Day 25: Things Kids Say

So I’ve complained a lot on Facebook, blocked a bunch of times. All because I’m a “Grammar Nazi” (term coined my one of my own there) First aggravation: To be honest (tbh)

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#FeBlog Day 24: I Am

Another poem I relate to…. I am—yet what I am none cares or knows; My friends forsake me like a memory lost: I am the self-consumer of my woes— They rise and vanish in oblivious host, Like shadows in love’s … Continue reading

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#FeBlog Day 23: Net Neutrality; Should It Mean Anything To You?

Today is a day not many people want to be serious after a long week. But I thought we ought to talk about something that I believe you’ve all seen and not payed that much attention to. I’m talking about … Continue reading

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