Another brilliant day at the farmlands. She had never ventured deeper into the orchard that made up the southern perimeter of the farm.

A sweet sultry voice called voice called out from somewhere in the orchard .

Over here

“Who’s there?”

No response came, but it called again. 

Over here

Curious, she followed in the direction of this strange voice deeper and deeper into the Orchard, and still it echoed. 

Over here 

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Dystopian Utopia

Some friends have had me writing short pieces, though I’s ashre them here too.

In a not too distant future , a few individuals born with a specific genetic marker begin exhibiting animalistic, primal tendencies. They start killing, for killing’s sake.

Years later, it is now a fight between those with the marker and those without. With scientists trying to find ways to suppress it, they have resorted to unethical means. Capturing subjects to experiment on, keeping them locked in a warehouses like animals.

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