Drugs and The Pharmaceutical Industry

I find it really odd that civilization has become so dependent on man-made solutions to remedy what are aspects of life.

Why is some drug, and not dealing with the problem, the solution to things? A child is restless, there’s a pill. A child isn’t as active, there’s a pill. They don’t learn as quickly as others, there’s a pill. Someone is depressed, there’s a pill. They suffered some trauma, there’s a pill. They have trouble concentrating, you guessed it, there’s a pill. I bet you there’s a pill for what I’m doing right now.

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Turning Off The Notifications

January was great, I enjoyed the month everyone dreads. Could be because I had managed my money well during the last months of 2019. Or maybe because I finally watched the continuation of the Shining; Doctor Sleep(a review is coming up) . Or perhaps that I got a gig on the side.

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Dystopian Utopia

Some friends have had me writing short pieces, though I’s ashre them here too.

In a not too distant future , a few individuals born with a specific genetic marker begin exhibiting animalistic, primal tendencies. They start killing, for killing’s sake.

Years later, it is now a fight between those with the marker and those without. With scientists trying to find ways to suppress it, they have resorted to unethical means. Capturing subjects to experiment on, keeping them locked in a warehouses like animals.

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