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Forays Into Grammar (the Sequel)

I’m back again with another Foray Into Grammar . For so long as there are people who butcher grammar, I will be there to address it. Today I’ll talk about: Irregardless They way I see this word thrown all around … Continue reading

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Forays Into Grammar

It really puzzles me that in 2018 there are still people who have confusions with the usage of the following words. So I’m back again with another grammar aggravation. My Forays Into Grammar… This particular journey shall be in three … Continue reading

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#FeBlog Day 25: Things Kids Say

So I’ve complained a lot on Facebook, blocked a bunch of times. All because I’m a “Grammar Nazi” (term coined my one of my own there) First aggravation: To be honest (tbh)

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The Ludicrous Generation 

It’s a sad thing, but yes, as time has moved, it seems as though the level of intellect and common sense has been decreasing also. These millennials, can I call them that? Basically anyone born after the year 2000. This … Continue reading

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