Day 07: as Above so Below – #D30DH

The only way out is down

Scarlett an alchemy student, picks up where her father left off in finding the philosopher’s stone. She and her team will find out the true meaning of the stone…

On a dig in Iran, she finds the “Rose Key”, a way to decode Nicolas Flamel’s headstone – the man who discovered the stone. Decoding reveals a riddle leading to 112.8m below the streets of Paris. She enlist the help of a cameraman, a guide and some additional people a the area Paris they intend to go is prohibited.

Embarking into the Catacombs of Paris, crawling through a narrow tunnel, they encounter women who seem possessed. Among them is a woman who had been staring at one of them earlier on. They venture on and wind up in a blocked tunnel. The guide is unwilling to go past that point as anyone who has ever gone past has never returned.

Attempting another route, the loop back around and end up where they were before and are forced to go through the tunnel. Voyaging deeper, they encounter the guide’s friend who agrees to help them get out and explains “the only way out is down

The deeper they venture, the more is revealed and with the revelations, the true nature of the Philosopher’s Stone…

My Verdict

This was a different kind of horror. It was one of self, and how to survive you had to confront self – only through truth would the way out be revealed.


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