Day 04: The Cleansing Hour – #D30DH

Be careful what lies you tell, because some lies may turn into real devils...

The Cleansing Hour is a feature length of a short film of the same name…

Lifelong friends Drew and Max host a livestream show where on each episode “Father Max” exorcises a possessed person. Thing is, all the exorcisms are staged. Max is obsessed with money and drawing in a crowd. Unfortunately for him and the ones working with him, they are going to have to deal with some true evils this time…

As this episode start, it becomes evident that Lane – Drew’s fiancé who is filling in – possessed for real. The demon traps the crew in their location, it proceeds to kills everyone except for Drew and Max alive. It demands that they confess all their secrets during to possibly stop it. With each secret revealed, the viewer count rises and the demon demands more…

While all this is happening, Drew is trying to figure out the demon’s name so Max can truly exorcise it. This is made more tense by the fact that every secret revealed drives a wedge deeper between the three…

Drew thinks the entity is Aamon and Max proceeds to perform the exorcism ritual. It seems as though it has worked, however…

My Verdict

The Cleansing Hour does a good job of portraying the damage secrets can do, and brings those consequences to bare in a confined space.


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