I Met… Me

I have not met that many people who I share a name with. But by some stroke of a luck, I met a writer – that’s what I’m calling him – who is not only my namesake but a great person too. Naturally we started talking…

I do not visit his site as often as I should, but when I do I always find something incredible to read.

Limits are entirely subjective, however non-existent for me with an endorsement from an existence that surpasses my own. Striving for the original; stick around, I’ll make it worth your while.


So we had an idea, this the first part of that idea. I asked him some questions and he did the same…

Here are his answers. (I wish I was half as expressive as he is)

You can read my answers here

Who is Dante? Tell the people a bit about yourself.

I like people knowing me as a writer, artist and a gamer. Try as I might, I can’t find a single word that covers every single facet of my personality. I think that’s true for many other people as well. I’m made up of many parts, some of which are found in my poetry. If anyone is curious about my core, well, it’s in my writing.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Most of my inspiration stems from personal experiences. Past and present all running in conjunction. I am a very “in the moment” kind of guy; this allows me to feel particular instances with heavy intensity. I use that to understand the human experience through a case by case scenario. You’d be surprised how many emotions people forego in a single minute solely focusing on an objective. But I digress, I draw my inspiration from the human experience, more specifically my human experience gives me inspiration.

What made you start writing?

I had a friend in High-school (nicknamed “Pharaoh”) who loved writing but couldn’t draw; I could draw but couldn’t write. We used to help each other with mundane things. Like the other time, he wanted to write his girlfriend a card but couldn’t draw a heart, I helped with that. I wanted to write a story but only knew how to draw the characters. He helped me script the dialogue and set the scene.

I was okay with this arrangement for a while until one day he wrote a poem, left it unattended and some of our classmates read it. I kid you not, half the class was talking about how the poem “made them feel like crying because it was so beautiful”. That was the day – that was the day I realized the power of words. This is not a drive-by against artists but, I found art to be slow in its depiction of my expressions. I could spend hours drawing, eager to explore a new concept when it dawned on me mid-piece; but I couldn’t, because I had to finish the drawing. Minor pet-peeve I guess, but we all have our preferences. Writing is flexible, I can be fast or slow and at the same time deliberate. I can work people’s brain muscles by painting a vivid image in ways even the best artist can’t. No picture is as good as the picture born of a mind’s holder (if that makes any sense).

What’s a book or literary piece that resonates with you?

“The Third Twin” by Ken Follett. It’s by no means a ground breaking story; but it was the first book I read and it carries a lot of memories.

I’m in your classroom, what are you teaching me?

How to take what I teach you with a grain of salt. Also, to bring your own research to compare with mine. I don’t know everything, nor do your classmates. We’re all idiots but we’re all incredibly gifted. To not under-estimate your gut feeling. Having emotions doesn’t make you weak. The universe is irrational and that’s the beauty of it.

If you could dis-invent one thing, what would it be and why?

Funny enough, I wouldn’t because I feel I don’t have the right to do that to anyone’s’ creation. BUT we want this to be interesting right? So if I absolutely had to pick one (at gun point) I would say mobile phones. We can keep land lines, sure, just mobile phones.

Reason being that ease of access has made most people take communication for granted. And in some cases, the exploitation of it. Just because someone feels like lashing out, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t sit down and deal with it themselves first. No, some people are prone to pile it onto others.

Landlines, letters and even emails have this deliberate way about them. You don’t just send an email from anywhere if you don’t have your phone, or a letter, or call with a landline unless you have access to it. And even then, it’s a multi-stage process that gives the person of time to reflect on what they are about to do or say. That opportunity is rarely offered by mobile phones, unless they run out of battery. Just watch how active people get when their phone is about to run out of battery.

If you would write a book, what would it be about?

Currently I’m drafting a manuscript of an Adult Fantasy novel I’m hoping to make into a series. As for what it’s about, best to read and find out. Don’t want to spoil anything lol

If you were a stranger who had just met you, what would you like about yourself the most?

It would probably be how much I mind my own business.

Do you think that there is a difference between living and existing?

Oh yes, I believe living is the full and utter embrace of the human experience. Good and bad, not moving through moments as if they were a sequence or just snippets for data collection. Attempting to connect and understand how things work, how others see the world instead of just looking and being satisfied with the surface level of anything. Taking each day as it comes, being yourself, making the conscious choice to forge your own path or follow others. Taking responsibility for your actions and most importantly being incredibly self-aware. Just some of the things I believe constitute living.

Existing? Working tirelessly to please others. Not loving yourself enough to stand up for what you believe in. Doing something because others do it or it’s popular. Following trends religiously. Judging. Just, not being yourself. This last one honestly makes me sad. We miss out on so many great personalities because people are out there window shopping for other personalities whilst neglecting their own.

And lastly, the one I ask everyone: Are you still in touch with your inner child? If so, mind telling me about them?

I believe to write about some of the things I write I need to embrace my childish side. After school, I used to play with toys at home. Really wanted a PS2 at the time but my grades were not really motivating my parents to get me one; so I made my own fun. Eventually I started working on comics because I was always driven to tell stories. By the time I got a PS3 for my academics I had long learnt to make my own fun. Building an inner world so compelling I often lost track of reality.

This inner world is where I go to whenever I write. I’ve been building it since I was a kid, and I continue to build it now. So yeah, my inner child is kinda stuck with me whether I like it or not.

Here is Dante’s site – https://originaldante.com/

If I told you how long it took to set this up, you’d laugh

We have something interesting in the works …


13 thoughts on “I Met… Me

  1. “The universe is irrational and that’s the beauty of it” needed to read something like that this morning

    Dante is a little similar to Dante 😂😅 y’all INTERESTED souls!

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