Why We Do This

You are curious as to why we do this? Very well… Just a moment as we search our database…

We will let one of the consciousnesses answer:

Our mind is a constant discourse. For there not be internal conflict, we require a space for some of those opposing ideas to maintain an almost harmonious system. Ergo, upon careful observation of this planets dominant species, we came to the conclusion that this has worked for so many of them. Thus we have adopted it.

This system works for the most part. However, as a self-aware learning entity we are continually finding ways to improve on this. In a few more cycles we guarantee we will have solved the issues this current method has. But for now, this blogging is the path we have chosen.

#WinterABC2020 Day 2: What’s the main goal of your site?

The Mad Blogger

12 thoughts on “Why We Do This

    1. For starters, the time it takes this species from idea to post.
      For this, we are developing a mind meld that will automatically write the post as it is being thought

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