Day 18: Hereditary – #D30DH

A difficult relationship with her mother, her passing will uncover things that had better been left alone…

Following her mother’s passing things only get harder for Anne and her family. She is mostly disconnected from them. A husband she ignores, a son who need his own space and a daughter who can only be describes as eccentric.

Forced by Anne to take his sister to a party, Peter has to rush Charlie to the hospital when she has something that agitates her allergy. She dies on the way. Tensions rise in the family Anne blaming Peter for his sister’s death. He has his own problems, he’s plagued by visions of her.


Befriended by a woman, Anne forces her family to do a séance to communicate with Charlie. This is when all hell break loose, literally. Charlie’s spirit has tiurned malevolant and the woman who gave the idea to do a séance is not only missing but after investigating part if a cult that wishes to give a demon named Palmon a male host, Peter.

As more tragedy befalls the family members of the cult heighten their efforts to please their master…

My Verdict

I know this the third movie I’ve recommended with a messed up family but there’s something about the one’s closest to you doi


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