Not In My House?

In which household will laziness be tolerated? Not in Africa that’s for sure…

Allow me to introduce to you Nobuhle Nyoni, or more popularly  uBu

Going through her blog, you will feel  like she’s talking directly to you. There’s a certain aesthetic to that.

There were a number of post that caught my eye, but this one stood out:


In it she describes the contradictory nature of African households. She somehow does it in comedic sort of way.

Oh, did I mention she sings as well? An amazing singer that.

Her voice, speaking voice, is ….        When you connect with her, ask her to send a voice note, you’ll understand.

You can find uBu here:

Her site : Thought After Thought

Twitter: @nangu_uBu

BlogIndaba Wednesdays

Every Wednesday we hype up and crush on a different creative. It’s our way of growing this community. Because as another creative said “blogging means community



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3 Responses to Not In My House?

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  2. I’m charging for voice notes..

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