Thank You | The Happiness Challenge

My response to the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge by Its PH . Thanks go to agirlwowrites, discovered the challenge on her site. Et finalement…

A special thank you to PH for this incredible challenge. That came at a time I was feeling quite low. Not only has it reawakened my inner writer but I has allowed me to meet some amazing people.

Final day of this challenge

Happiness is…

I am a Potterhead and everytime I see the word happiness I’m taken to this quote:

Even though it’s not cannon to the books…

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was a great movie…

Happiness is all around us. It can be found in that place you least expect.

Happiness is not one thing, but many things at different times, to different people. And those things vary and change more often than the seasons do.

Some find happiness in the air after morning rain, others in the smell of fresh cut grass. And some walking barefoot in sand gives them great joy.

Happiness is the laughter of a baby, the purring of a cat. Happiness can be an unexpected phone call. And there are also those who are happiest when surrounded by friends.

This is what I’ve heard and some of where I think most people find happiness.

For me happiness is music. Music is something that has always been there. I don’t think I could live a day without music. I get a sense of peace and calm whenever I’m listening to something I enjoy. Sometimes even great excitement.

Happiness is sitting down with a good book, getting absorbed by the story and being transported to a world of my imagining. It is all the emotions that come with going on that journey with the characters in it.

Recently, I found a new kind of happiness. It’s the happiness you get from people acknowledging your work, and I have had that by the boatloads and I have made some people I can gladly call friends.

So I’ll happily end this post and this challenge by saying thank you, to you who is reading this, you who has joined me on this journey, you who has taken the time out of your day to come here. I really appreciate you. You make it all worthwhile. 😊

And I do hope that you will keep coming back…


6 thoughts on “Thank You | The Happiness Challenge

      1. A Persian poet who popularized Sufism? I’m not very sure on the details as such, I just know his quotes light up my whole entire existence, hah. 🙂


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