Being African | The News and Paper Challenge

My response to the Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge by Its PH . Shout out to agirlwowrites, discovered the challenge on her site. La septième poste …

Day 7, views on the news

I’m not a soccer fan, actually I don’t like it one bit. So the World Cup month we had was a nightmare for me. Everywhere I’d turn it was something soccer related.

Thankfully it ended and the winners were crowned.

So the comedian Trevor Noah made a joke saying, “Africa won the World Cup

Can you blame him? 😂😂

Which brings me to the article I’ve chosen:

Trevor Noah, French ambassador in row over ‘Africa’ World Cup win

Trevor jokes about anything and everything and I personally think the French ambassador’s reaction was unwarranted.

Somewhere in there in his need to uphold; as he said, the ‘Frenchness’ of the players he forgot to enjoy the joke. Going so far as to write a letter to Trevor outlining his ‘grievances

Reading through his letter he made it seem like there was something wrong with being African. I did not sit well with the remarks he made. What made it worse is how he was trying to justify himself in that he was right.

To me, it sounded like he was saying the players were French and only French. That their African ancestry did not exist or wasn’t as important…

As someone who’s representing his country, I don’t know what kind of image of the French people he portrays to the rest of the world by getting hot and bothered over a joke.

Trevor’s response however, was golden: ‘Why can’t they be both?’

Later on he outlined:
‘When considered unsavory, they are African’

Touching on how most times when an immigrant is not acting as expected they are considered African immigrants. And on the other side, nationals when the said act is admirable.

Which begs the question; Why is there so much anemosity towards Africa and its people? They have never done anything wrong. They try to live their lives as best they can, but somehow always the center of ridicule.

There’s much to be learnt here between this interaction between these two figures.

It should NEVER be a choice of one or the other. One should be free to take pride in all his heritages as they well please.


8 thoughts on “Being African | The News and Paper Challenge

  1. That’s a great post, and that was along the line of my own thoughts when I encountered the news. I saw the video just a few days back (post the depression of the World Cup ending T_T haha) and it’s just silly to create a furore over a comment that was just, spot on.
    Guess the smooth-speaking guys have a thing against intelligent people who throw the truth in their faces, hah.

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