Zim Blog Awards

Zim Blog Awards sponsored by ZOL and Fine and Country.

When they were announced in December last year, March seemed so far. But here we are, nominations happened, the public voted, then it was the job of the chosen judges to select the winners.

The awards were scheduled to begin at 16:30, I got there somewhat late (Harare traffic at this time) expecting the show to already be under way, but lucky for me we were still being treated to a magnificent local musical procession. These guys were really good.

Signed an attendance sheet then began moving around hoping to see someone I know. As with the Hustler’s Market, all the usual suspects were present and some of the bloggers too.

So it finally started with our host, radio presenter Butterfly. All the necessary introductions were gotten out of the way, a representative from Tribe of Influencers said a few words, so did one from ZOL.

Butterfly decided to play a game, well I think it was, she’d announce a category then the nominees then the crowd would give a guess as to who won. The first person that guessed right first, she would buy them a drink of their choice. It was one particular category that really caught my attention; podcast of the year. The nominees were Capital26Free, Sadza in the Morning and Kwiricast. Unanimously, everyone shouted “Sadza in the Morning”, but that was not correct. And again everyone shouted “Capital26Free”, but the winner was Kwiricast. I don’t know what criteria was used for the judging of podcasts and vlogs, so I can’t speculate the decision.

I bring this up because this occurred a number of times. I do think the people who know these blogs, podcast and vlogs and their authors; are the ones who read, listen and watch them constantly i.e. everyone who was in attendance. And as such, they would have a much better understanding as to who would be a worthy choice for each category.

A view shared about the awards:

The awards were somewhat wrongly packaged, focussing way too much on the influencer aspect than the other things, also having established once start-up organisations competing being judged next to individuals or a team of a few non-mainstream online persona is…. IDK unfair but of course if it’s about the influence 🤷🏽‍♂🤷🏽‍♂🤷🏽‍♂
And that voting process ….good lawd!!!!!!!!

I hope the judges and everyone else who was part of the final decison making process saw what I saw and will take that into consideration the next time these awards are held.

One thing I would like to point out, they could have had better time management, considering during advertising they had set a clearly defined start and end time…

Félicitations à tous les candidats et les gagnants. maintenir le travail formidable ce que vous faites !

En fin de compte, the event was good, the people were amazing. I had good a time.



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  1. Mable Amuron says:

    😂 I’m kind of jealous that you met Beaton.

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