ISPs in Zimbabwe; Well the one I’m Using In Particular

I’m agitated, no I’m angry. Matter of fact…. Fuck that I’m FURIOUS!!!

After its rained heavily the evening of the 23rd, my Wi-Fi started having problems. Called the guys the next day, they said they would come fix it Saturday.

Saturday comes, I wait, nothing. Call them again the same day, some excuse I can’t be bothered to remember. Then they say Monday.

My agitation is increasing now. I’m forced to go to an Internet cafe to get my work done.

And now this is is Thursday, no progress….. AT ALL!

All my anger and frustration thanks to the “geniuses” at Tel One

FINALLY, it goes through, oh did I complain. (whoever said black people don’t complain had never met me) Guy starts apologising and all, “We’ll send technicians”

“Like on Saturday?! Or Monday?! I want a definite time they’re coming!”

Then he asks for my number. So now I wait, yet again.

I think all of you will agree that it makes no sense to say I have Internet at home if I have to go into town and use a cafe to get shit done.

What provider do you use? How reliable is it?

Thinking of changing after this load of crap.



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I am Dante... This is Dialectics, my Dialectics. A place where my thoughts flow, and flow free. Journey with me and allow me to help you see what i see... "Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo"
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