Letter To My Dad

Each day that passes, I miss you more. I long for those days you were still there. So dad, this letter is for you…

It’s been so long since you’ve been gone, but everyday the pain just gets greater and greater.


I was so young when you left me, I really didn’t understand, but now I’m older is when I need you the most. Maybe you could have helped me through what I’m going through.

Everything I’ve gone through has changed me. I don’t know if it’s for better or worse. How different would life have been with you to guide me? I always wonder this whenever I reflect back.

And recently, it’s been getting even harder. I feel so lost dad. I’m so confused. I’ve lost sight of where I’m going.

It pains me when I see those with their fathers take them for granted. What I would give to have you back.

To have you come back from work, make me pretend like I was driving the car. I miss the Saturdays, just you and me, travelling anywhere and  everywhere.

I miss watching James Bond movies with you. I bet you’d hate what they’ve done to him too. I miss the times we’d just enjoy nature together. These memories forever remain vivid in my mind, they will forever remain the greatest moments of my life.

Everyone else seems to have moved on, forgotten about you. But you’re still in my heart, forever in my thoughts. I think of you every single day and it gets even harder the older I get.

I hope, I believe you’d approve of the person I’ve chosen to share my life with. Apart from you dad, she’s the only other person who understands me.

If I could wish for anything, it would be one more day with you. Just one more day I could talk to you, ask you everything only you could answer.

And today the pain is even greater because today is when you were taken from me.

 You remain in my heart and my thoughts. I like to believe you live on. Perhaps through me or any other way. 

I miss you so much daddy. I love you.   

You are gone but never forgotten.

Your son 



About Dante

I love music , reading , writing, gaming and so much more... I have a lot of thoughts, a bunch of ideas, a myriad of experiences that I want to share with you... Say hie and let's be friends :D
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