Her and I 

We don’t know how it happened, but it did. The joy it has brought to both our lives is unmeasurable.

We started as strangers, became acquaintances then friends. We were very good friends, similar likes and interests. We shared a unique bond between us. Conversations just flowed effortlessly.

Even when contact was lost, when it was re-established, we just continued like nothing had happened. I enjoyed her company, and she mine. To share a connection like this between people who had never met, some would say absurd, but we didn’t care.

A mutual understanding, a friendship like no other. Two who thought as one, acted in unison. Two peas in a pod. Just subtle friendly compliments shared here and there.

A trust had been born, she felt free to tell me anything, as did I. Any thing that worried, she’d pour her heart out and I’d listen, comfort, encourage. It pained me to see her unhappy, so I tried by all means to make her feel better, despite the distance. 

There came a time when I reached a low point in my life, I was angry at everything and everyone. I hated myself, felt worthless, longed to leave this mortal coil. Just end it. She wasn’t there we hadn’t spoken in the longest time. I felt alone, abandoned by friends and family. Just a loner, a pariah.

At the point when I had had enough, a message from her came. Reluctantly I replied. I just wanted to be left to my vices. But as we continued talking she started giving me hope. Maybe there was something left for me after all. She cared, really cared, something i hadn’t felt for I don’t know how long.

In those few minutes she brightened my day, made me smile. I hadn’t done that in a long time . We picked up where we left off, reconnected, found out new things about each other. The bond grew stronger, more intense. We were more than friends, but hadn’t taken the dive.

I could feel her pain and sorrow, same way I could feel her joy and happiness. I don’t know if she felt the same but I suspect so, cause she could always notice the little things, the nuances no matter how much I tried to hide it.

We did it as a joke at first, but as the days went by, the illusion started feeling like reality. We talked about it, both felt the same way, so we made it official. I was hers and she was mine. She the only one for me and I for her.

And ever since, I’ve been happy, overjoyed, content with life. Living with a purpose, something, someone to drive me, to encourage me to carry on. How I feel I can’t put in words, I believe she knows.

There’s not much I can do or say to show how much I appreciate having her in my life. How grateful I am that I met her. That I have someone who understands me and accepts me as I am.

And at times we may not agree, like recently, but we can work through anything. This love between us is something unique, something special, that I will guard and protect.

Our connection transcends the physical. It’s spiritual, emotional and sensual…

All I know is that I LOVE HER.
And today more than any other day is so very special….

Happy Birthday Honey. I LOVE YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH 

This is a part of my story, our story. It’s still being written with each and every day… 



About Dante

I love music , reading , writing, gaming and so much more... I have a lot of thoughts, a bunch of ideas, a myriad of experiences that I want to share with you... Say hie and let's be friends :D
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