The Ludicrous Generation 

It’s a sad thing, but yes, as time has moved, it seems as though the level of intellect and common sense has been decreasing also.

These millennials, can I call them that? Basically anyone born after the year 2000. This generation, in my opinion, is the Ludicrous Generation. Why you may ask. Let me explain.

This generation is too desperate to become adults they forget to enjoy they’re childhood while they still can. The result? Children with children, which is ridiculous. Now they have to grow up fast to fend for the new life. They assume being grown up is fun. It’s not, it’s work, it’s a daily struggle.

This is also the generation that has lost all semblance of respect. The nonsense they pull would never have worked when I was growing up. Back talk, refusing to listen. This is so embarrassing.

They choose to put themselves in danger for views on YouTube or likes on Instagram. Are views and likes more important than you’re well being? I don’t think so, but apparently they do.

What even infuriates me is now TV shows have to be dumbed down or have disclaimers: Do Not Try This At Home ; so they don’t copy what they see. When I was growing up we watched Wile E Coyote, he would strap himself to a rocket or play with dynamite. We didn’t copy these things, do you know why we didn’t? WE WEREN’T STUPID (or as my friend would say: we weren’t f***ing idiotsYes I’m calling them idiots, because that’s what they are in my eyes. 

What ever  happened to originality? It’s all about getting with the latest craze, the latest clothes the latest hairstyle. Whatever is currently in season. How then do you stand out if you’re just a copy of someone else. I walk out now I see the same person in different colour swatches. 

Creativity is dying, not because creative people aren’t there, but because the younger generation that are supposed to bring a new era of creativeness are too lazy to think and make something all their own. Copy, paste is now the order of the day. 

The gravest of all these atrocities is what they’ve done to language. Everything is now an abbreviation. And what happens next? Grammar, dead. Spelling dead. Simple things: the difference between you’re and your, usage of there, their and they’re. Distinction between were, where and we’re.

And the one that agitates me the most; would of and could of instead of would have and could have. Sentences are not phonetic. You do not write them the way you think they sound. This is a grave, I repeat it grave grammatical error. This also brings their pronunciation into question.

Also, let me clarify something. There is no such thing as Pronunciation Differs. There is a correct pronunciation and an incorrect one. That is a statement and a lie created by people too lazy to learn the proper way to pronounce words.

What is even more hilarious is these are people with English as their first language yet they make Third Grade errors.

I’m not even going to touch on their taste in music. I’ll be here all day…

Now I’m not saying all of them are like that, just the majority. Yes, you will find some of this generation that has some sense to them, but not that many. These few should be the beacons of hope for this lost generation.

I lament for this generation and any that comes after, because the ludacrisy seems to be evolving with each year.

Appalled, dismayed and disappointed 



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I love music , reading , writing, gaming and so much more... I have a lot of thoughts, a bunch of ideas, a myriad of experiences that I want to share with you... Say hie and let's be friends :D
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