Being Older Doesn’t Necessarily Mean You Know Everything 

It’s one of the greatest misconceptions in my opinion. While it may be true in certain instances, it’s not always the case.

I do admit that the older generation has valuable knowledge to impart on us. But sometimes they seem to abuse this respect they’re automatically given because of their age.

I’ve seen how the views and opinions  of a younger person ignored, disregarded or considered unimportant just because it is a ‘child’ speaking. What the older generation forgets is that the world is in a constant state of change. What made sense in their time might not be valid in the world of today or tomorrow.

You can have a situation where a country is run by 60 something year old men who are so indoctrinated in the old ways they refuse accept change. The ones who face the reprocussion of this unwillingness to change, to move with the world,  are not those in control,  but the average citizen, the population of said country. The little guy just trying to make ends meet. 

Basically you can’t have someone who doesn’t use the Internet making internet policies. Or someone who can’t or has never driven managing transport. What I’m saying is no matter the persons age, it is always important and vital to have someone who has knowledge of an item finding best possible ways to improve on it. And in some instances, find a new innovation. 

If the older generation only took the time to listen to someone younger and not just dismiss whatever they say because they are younger, we could see a better future for young and old alike.

The key to progress, in my opinion, is listening, not hearing. If we all take the time to listen and consider each and every opinion then make a consciencious decision. Taking into consideration the idea not where it came from.

To a young mind anything is possible, these minds are generally not bound by norms. If only they can get an older person, even just one, to listen to them we would see a spectacular world.

There’s is a quote that perfectly sums up our society:
A child’s voice however honest and true is meaningless to those who’ve forgotten how to listen.

I hope we can change this and listen to each other. Young and old. Everyone, from all walks of life.

So listen to the child, he or she  might just  surprise you with something incredible… 



About Dante

I love music , reading , writing, gaming and so much more... I have a lot of thoughts, a bunch of ideas, a myriad of experiences that I want to share with you... Say hie and let's be friends :D
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