Love Can Be Found In The Most Unexpected Places 

Love is something I think we sometimes take for granted. Usually you ignore the ones who really care and waste time on those who wouldn’t give you the time of day.

Finding love, real love, true love,  not infatuation is very difficult. I can’t tell you how you know, but I will say this, when the right person comes along everything will all make sense.

A lot of people will come and go throughout your life, no doubt. People you thought would stay forever but they ended up leaving. Those who acted one way only to get close then all of a sudden, they change for the worst.

We as a species are too desperate for companionship that at times we rush things, only to realise we’ve made a bad or terrible decision. We should learn, I think, to take some time, get to know the other person, fully and wholly before you decide on anything.

I will tell you this, it won’t happen overnight. It can’t. It takes time, patience, understanding. It’s better to wait for the right one than to end up regretting your choice.

What I can say is, the one you choose needs to understand you completely. Accept you as you are. Want to grow with you, become better people together. Basically, love you for you. And of course all of this has to be reciprocal.

I am happy to say that I have found my other. I’ve found her in the most unexpected place. Someone who I always had a crush on, someone who was one of, if not my only best friend. I never thought we’d be together because the way we talked I just assumed I was her friend and nothing more. 

But at a whim, not sure who made the first move, but it was then we realised we wanted the same thing, we wanted each other. So now we’re together and life has never been more wonderful. I’m happy with my choice and I couldn’t wish for anything more. 
I will end with a quote from my favourite author:

Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”  – J. K. Rowling

Take time, be patient, be sure and you will find your special someone… 


11 thoughts on “Love Can Be Found In The Most Unexpected Places 

  1. Of all the coincidences fate threw my way you had to have the same name as the man who I moved things along with at the speed of light, it was over just as it begun

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  2. Hang on is this the same person, you asked if parents decisions should be factored into about ???/
    Dont get it twisted love is a beautiful thing
    With compliments The Muse

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